conserving our n atural resources n.
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Conserving our N atural Resources

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Conserving our N atural Resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conserving our N atural Resources. - Tiana K allenberger. Project sketch. Meaning behind the Project. I believe in everyone trying to do their part to help conserve the environment.

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meaning behind the project
Meaning behind the Project
  • I believe in everyone trying to do their part to help conserve the environment.
  • We all need to conserve more, especially on a college campus people sometimes forget, because they are not paying for the utilities means that they may waste and abuse the resources.
  • I would like to post such ads in bathrooms, or residence buildings to remind and focus people on the common goal of protecting out environment.
  • Areas of large community living or areas where resources are used would be preferred for this ad.
the advertisement itself
The Advertisement itself
  • Adding children into the work to show the future and present generations.
  • The composition is a half alive tree with the rainforest in the background, while the other half is a desert with a dead tree.
  • The wording “Conserve To Preserve” is a catchy phrase I thought would grab people’s attention and get a closer look at the ad.
  • This will target all audiences.