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Amelia Bedelia

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Amelia Bedelia

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  1. Amelia Bedelia This is Amelia Bedelia. She is the main character in a series of books by Peggy Parish. Amelia is a maid. She takes care of the Rogers’ house. Amelia is very silly She get confused by Mrs. Rogers’ directions because she takes everything literally. Once she put clothes on a raw chicken because Mrs. Rogers told her to “dress the chicken.” That means to get the chicken ready to cook. Luckily, Amelia makes great pies, so the Rogers don’t want to fire her. - Mrs. Snook’s class

  2. Julie This is Julie. She is a character in MakeupMess, a book by Robert Munsch. I like Julie because she is funny. She likes to put on makeup. She wastes a lot of money. She likes to go to the shop and buy things. She looks like a clown when she puts on makeup. Julie is a crazy girl. By Ayah

  3. Froggy This is Froggy. Froggy is a character by Jonathan London. Froggy is a frog. Froggy is funny because he often does something wrong. Once he was playing the sax when his dad was on the phone and he said that he was on the phone too. He is also silly. Once he caught a soccer ball with his hands and he wasn’t even the goalie. In the end it turns out ok. By Ava

  4. The Star-Belly Sneetch This is a Star-Belly Sneetch. It is a character in a book written by Dr.Seuss. The Star-Belly Sneetch did not like the Plain-Belly Sneetch. One day a machine came to their place. The Plain-Belly Sneetch paid five dollars to go in. when he came out here was a star upon his belly. The Star-Belly Sneetch is a funny character and I like to read it. By Colin

  5. Curious George This is Curious George. He is a monkey. He gets in trouble a lot because he is very curious. He is a character in different books by Margaret and H. A. Rey’s. George has an owner with an yellow hat. One day, George went to the aquarium. At the aquarium George heard a splash George was curious so he climbed over gate and never got a ticket. I love reading Curious George books. By Matt

  6. Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse This is Lilly. She is a character in a book by Kevin Henkes. Lilly makes a bit of trouble sometimes. She loves her purple plastic purse a lot. She also loves pointy pencils and chalk. She loves her teacher Mr.Slinger. She also likes the snacks he shares. Lilly is a funny mouse. By Aine

  7. Brigid This is Brigid. Brigid is a little girl. She is a character in Purple, Green and Yellow by Robert Munch. She has short hair. She wears all different colored clothes. She is funny because once she colored her self with markers. She was covered with designs. Brigid is a silly girl. By Alexandria

  8. Tacky the Penguin This is Tacky the Penguin. He is a character by Helen Lester. He’s a big penguin. He’s kind of sloppy. He always wears a flower shirt and a polka dot bow. Tacky is funny because he also makes mistakes. It’s very fun to read about Tacky. By Ethan

  9. No Carrots For Harry This is Harry. He is a character from No Carrots For Harry, a book written Jean Langerman. Harry likes to play checkers. He does not like carrots but loves sweet grass tarts. He was going to his aunt’s house. They were having carrots for dinner. He ate the carrot so he got a sweet grass tart. Harry is a very strange rabbit. By Kendall

  10. Wodney Wat This is Rodney Rat. Rodney was a character in a book by Helen Lester. Rodney is a nice little rat with black eyes. Rodney does lots of good deeds because he is a nice little rat. Rodney is really sensitive because he feels bullied. Rodney eats by himself because he feels left out. I like to read about Rodney Rat. By Natasha

  11. Pooh Bear This is Pooh Bear. Pooh is a character by A.A Milne. Pooh is a very funny bear. He likes honey so he is very chubby bear. He has good friends and he helps them a lot. Pooh is a good friend too. I like how the author made Pooh Bear. By Julia

  12. Clifford This is Clifford. He is a big red dog. He has lots of problems. He is so tall and big. Clifford’s owner is Emily Elizabeth. He can’t fit in the house. He is so big, he has a tall doghouse. Clifford also has a big bowl. He breaks a lot of things. He loves to play with other people. I like to read about Clifford. By Rebecca

  13. Poppleton This is Poppleton. He is in a series of books by Cynthia Rylant. Poppleton is a pig that has many friends. He is kind and friendly to them. It was fun reading about Poppleton. by Anthony

  14. Spider This is Spider. Spider is a character in a book by Doreen Cronin. Spider acts like a human. Spider made his own flashcard. Spider had a sleepover at worms house. Spider learned the secret of a long happy life. Its never sleep in a shoe. Spider is fun to read about. Spider is also funny. I liked learning about spider. by Connor

  15. Bear This is Bear. He is a character in A BirthdayFor Bear by Kady McDonald. Bear is always grumpy on his birthday. He tries to keep busy so the day passes. When his friend mouse makes Bear a special birthday cake, Bear decides to have a birthday after all. By Nico

  16. Froggy This is Froggy. He is a green frog. He is in a series books of by Jonothan London. He is very nervous at school. He doesn’t’ want to make new friends. He turns red when he is nervous. Froggy is my favorite character. By Jason

  17. Horton This is Horton. He is an elephant in a book by Dr. Seuss. Horton is funny and helpful. He will do anything to help others. The best thing ever did was to help the bird by watching her egg. The bird had watching the egg for so long she wanted to go on vacation. Horton was so patient he stayed on the egg for a long time. I wish I made Horton books. From Zack

  18. Olivia This is Olivia. She is a pig. She is in a series of books by Ian Falconer. She lives in a big house. She also takes piano lessons. She is very funny. She likes to say her brother takes things from her. Once she lost her toy and she said Ian, her little brother, took it. But then she found out it was the dog who took it. Olivia couldn’t stay mad forever. Olivia is one of my favorite series. by Jordan

  19. Curious George This is Curious George. He is a character in a series by Margret Rey. He is curious about many things. He is a monkey. He has an owner who dresses in yellow. His owner got him in Africa. Curious George went to a museum. He was curious about the dinosaur skeleton. He crawled on the skeleton and he got in trouble. Curious George is curious about many things. By Lucas

  20. Olivia This is Olivia. She is a pig. She is in series of a books by Ian Falconer. She is young. She is always up to something. Olivia does everything that people do. She does that because she wants to be good at tiring people out. Olivia is a good as them and she is a good character to read. By Mackenzie

  21. Incredible Ned This is Incredible Ned. He is a boy in a book written by Bill Maynard and Frank Remkiewiz. Incredible Ned has a problem. What ever says it appears next his chair or a few yards away. When Ned said “some pills?” to the school nurse, hundreds of different colored pills appeared. I would not like to be Incredible Ned. by Quinn