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THz-BRIDGE Workshop

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THz-BRIDGE Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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THz-BRIDGE Workshop " Tera-Hertz Radiation in Biological Research, Investigation on Diagnostics, and study on potential Genotoxic Effects ". Palazzo dei Congressi – Capri - Italy September 29 – October 2, 2002. Hosted by. Monday – 30 th September 2002.

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Presentation Transcript

THz-BRIDGE Workshop

" Tera-Hertz Radiation in Biological Research, Investigation on Diagnostics, and study on potential Genotoxic Effects "

Palazzo dei Congressi – Capri - Italy

September 29 – October 2, 2002

Hosted by


Monday – 30th September 2002

Time Code Title Presenting author

9.00 Welcome to participants

9.10 Mo 1 Opening Talk: Restrahlen to T-Rays - 100 Years of Terahertz Radiation M.F.Kimmitt

  • Sesssion: SPECTROSCOPY I
  • Chair: P. Dumas

9.40 Mo 2 Infrared Spectroscopy used to Probe Proteins and Biological Membranes:

What do we learn from the Mid-IR and the Far-IR W. Mäntele

10.00 Mo 3 Far Infrared Spectroscopy on Biological Material A. Matei

10.20 Mo 4 Determination of Glucose Concentration in Whole Blood

using Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Y. Shen

10.40 Mo 5 FTIR-spectroscopic investigation of protein conformational

changes and drug action in signaling by a g-protein-coupled receptor K. Fahmy

11.00 – 11-30 Coffee Break

Session: SPECTROSCOPY IIChair: E. Linfield

11.30 Mo 6 Phonons and hydrogen bonding in biomolecular systems P. Jepsen

12.00 Mo 8 THz-spectroscopy of biological molecules T. Globus

12.20 Mo 9 Terahertz Spectroscopy of skin P. Taday

12.40 Mo 10 Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of glucose and uric acid P. Upadhya

13.00 – 15.00 Lunch break


Monday– 30th September 2002 - afternoon

Time Code Title Presenting author

Session: BIOLOGICAL EFFECTSChair: E. Berry

15.00 Mo 11 Biological effects in the microwave, THz and infrared regions B. Veyret

15.30 Mo 12 THz exposure of whole blood for the study of biologica

l effects on human lymphocytes O. Zeni

15.50 Mo 13 Genomic stability following exposure of human lymphocytes to THz radiation

R. Korenstein

16.10 Mo 14 Effects on Human Primary Keratinocyte Differentiation and

Viability induced by THz exposure R. Clothier

16.30 – 17-00 Coffee Break


17.00 Mo 15 Interaction models for the propagation of the e.m.f. in biological systems G. D'Inzeo

17.30 Mo 16 Terahertz Surface Modes in Nanometer-sized Liquid Droplets D. Mittelman

18.00 Mo 17 Two methods for modelling the propagation of terahertz

radiation in a layered structure G. Walker

18.20 Mo 18 Damaging DNA bases by radiation over a wide spectral range C. Cefalas


Tuesday – 1st October 2002

Time Code Title Presenting author

Session: MICROSPECTROSCOPYChair: A. Schwettman

9.00 Tu 1 Biological and biomedical applications of synchrotron

infrared microspectroscopy P. Dumas

9.30 Tu 2 Mid and Far-Infrared Microspectroscopy

Studies of Biological Tissues with a Synchrotron Source L. Carr

10.00 Tu 3 Infrared Near Field Microscopy F. Keilmann

10.30 – 11-00 Coffee Break

Session: THz IMAGING & DIAGNOSTICSChair: M. Koch

11.00 Tu 4 T-Ray Imaging and Tomography X.C. Zhang

11.30 Tu 5 Transient photo-induced optical elements: A. Schwettman

11.50 Tu 6 Electro-optic detection of sub-wavelength THz spot sizes

in the near-field of a metal tip P. Planken

12.10 Tu 7 Genetic diagnostics with integrated THz systems H. Kurz

12.30 Tu 8 Terahertz Pulse Imaging of skin cancer in the time and frequency domain R. Woodward

12.30 – 14.30 Lunch


16.30 Tu9 Presentation of COST 281: challenge through new technologies G. Friedrich

17.00 Tu10 Terahertz Research in a European Context M. Chamberlain

17.30 – 18.30 Panel discussion: Perspectives of THz applications in biomedical research

Steered by M. Chamberlain - Contributions by: H. Kurz, D. Mittelman, P.Taday, M. Usami, M. Wilkki, X.C. Zhang et al


Tuesday– 1st October 2002 - afternoon

14.30 – 16.30 POSTER SESSION (Coffee & drinks will be available throughout the session)

Code Title Presenting author

Tu P01 Catalogue of human tissue optical properties at Terahertz frequencies A. Fitzgerald

Tu P02 On-chip THz detection of biomaterials: a numerical study M. Koch

Tu P03 Optical and electro-optical properties of nematic liquid crystals 5CB and

PCH5 in the THz range C.L. Pan

Tu P04 The basic hybrid millimeter wave radio-spectrometer for physical-chemical and

bio-medical applications E. Saidov

Tu P05 Light-Induced Difference Terahertz Spectroscopy Y. Shen

Tu P06 Near field microscopy devices in the THz spectral region for biological investigations A. Coniglio

Tu P07 THz Near Field Imaging and Sensing L. Wang

Tu P08 Broad band FEL Terahertz radiators I. Spassovsky

Tu P09 Compact, medium energy, grating-based THz source H. Andrews

Tu P10 Performance Characteristics of a Smith-Purcell Tunable Terahertz Source M. Mross

Tu P11 Modulation doped Si/SiGe heterostructure THz laser M. Odnoblyudov

Tu P12 Properties and the planned use of the intense THz radiation from

ELBE at Dresden-Rossendorf W. Seidel

Tu P13 The synchrotron infrared activities at BESSY U. Schade

TuP14 "Terahertz radiation at ANKAthe new synchrotron light source in Karlsruhe“ D. Moss

TuP15 "Propagation of THz pulses in photoexcited media: a new insight into

time-resolved THz experiments“ P. Kuzel

Tu P16 Design and performance of a THz emission and detection setup based

on a semi-insulating GaAs emitter P. Planken

Tu P17 THz emitters using linearly tapered slot antennas integrated with

traveling wave photodetectors H. Han

Tu P18 Electrical Transport Measurements of Nanomaterials using THz Spectroscopy J. Federici

Tu P19 Tunneling processes induced by terahertz electric fields S. Ganichev

Tu P20 THz-Optical Interactions in Semiconductor Nano-Rings: Enabling

Technologies for THz Spectroscopy and Sensors D. Citrin

Tu P21 Absorption and diffusion measurements of biological samples using a

THz Free Electron Laser E. Giovenale

Tu P22 Studies on Cell Membrane Model functionality:

an experimental set-up for liposomes irradiation M. D’Arienzo


Wednesday – 2nd October 2002

Time Code Title Presenting author


9.00 We 1 "Perception Of Risks From Electromagnetic Fields:

Lessons For The Future" P. Vecchia

9.30 We 2 In vivo terahertz pulsed imaging?

Applying the international safety guidelines E. Berry

10.00 We 3 Synchrotron radiation-based Fourier transform infrared

(SR-FTIR) spectromicroscopy M. Martin

10.30 – 11-00 Coffee Break


11.00 We 4 Very high Power THz radiation from Relativistic Electrons G.P. Williams

11.30 We 5 "Powerful, Steady State, CoherentTHz-Synchrotron

Radiation at BESSY II" G. Wüstefeld

11.50 We 6 Generation of narrowband tunable THz radiation via optical rectification

in periodically poled nonlinear materials R. Beigang

12.10 We 7 Progress in microFEL development J.H. Brownell

12.30 We 8 Tunable CW and pulsed THz lasing of strained p-Ge I. Yassievich

12.50 – 13.20 Concluding Remarks X.C. Zhang