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USDA AgLearn. What is AgLearn?. Site Login (USDA eAuth login). AgLearn Tour. Will AgLearn work on my computer?. Register for AgLearn – Step 1 Registration. Click on External Registration. Note: You must have an eAuth account before you can register.

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Presentation Transcript

Site Login (USDA eAuth login)

AgLearn Tour

Will AgLearn work on my computer?


Register for AgLearn – Step 1 Registration

Click on External Registration

Note: You must have an eAuth account before you can register.


Register for AgLearn – Step 1

Click on Register under Step 2


Register for AgLearn – Step 1

Login with your eAuth User ID and Password


Register for AgLearn – Step 1

  • At the User Registration screen
    • This step requires you to validate the information in your account -- full name, address, email, and provide the name of the USDA agency and USDA point of contact sponsoring your account in AgLearn. 
  • Select Partner, not Contractor, when prompted.
  • Select NRCS-NJ TSP as “Agency of Sponsoring Individual”
  • Enter “Point of Contact” – (in NJ) Doreen Dougherty (Training Coordinator)
  • After completing all information on the User Registration screen, click “Submit Registration”.

Register for AgLearn – Step 2 Verification

  • The “Point of Contact/Training Coordinator” will receive an e-mail requesting that he/she verify user’s information.
  • The “Point of Contact/Training Coordinator” may need to verify your request with the TSP Coordinator (Nancy Paolini in NJ). He/She will then activate your AgLearn Account.

Register for AgLearn – Step 3 Activation

  • The NRCS Training Coordinator will activate your account.
  • You will receive an e-mail that your account has been activated within 72 hours.

Accessing AgLearn – Before you start!!!

Click here to see if AgLearn will work on your computer

AgLearn will perform a computer check to see if your PC settings are compatible


Accessing AgLearn – System check

Most common problem – Java settings or version


Accessing AgLearn

Click here to access AgLearn

Note: You will need your eAuth user ID and password to log in


AgLearn – The Home Page

Personal – Provides you with tools to manage your Profile and account

Learning – Contains a menu of tools you will access most frequently and your Learning plan


AgLearn – The Home Page

Career – Allows you to create and view a plan of training to manage your career development

Catalog – Contains all of the learning courses you have access too

taking courses
Taking Courses

Please note that if you recently registered we have started populating your “Learning Plan” with the minimum required courses you will need in order to be certified as a TSP.

You can add additional courses as desired or if you have additional requirements based on the type of TSP activities you plan to participate in.

For example, anyone becoming certified to do Conservation Activity Plans for Forestry is required to complete the following 5 AgLearn online courses.

You may see these courses already in your learning plan. We will try to assign them when you register but if not please continue to the next slide for instructions on how to locate and add them yourself.

TSP Orientation

Introduction to Conservation Forestry Planning.

Modules 1 through 5 of NRCS Conservation Planning course.

NRCS Environmental Compliance for Conservation Assistance (EC Level 1) course

Modules 1-6 of the NRCS Web-based Cultural Resources Training course


AgLearn – Catalog

If “Expand all” does not load courses, it’s usually because of Java settings

To access NRCS courses, click on AgLearn Original Courseware Structure (give this time to load)


AgLearn – Catalog

Next click on Natural Resources Conservation Service to access most TSP required courses


AgLearn – Catalog

Scroll to the desired course and click Launch Content or Add to Learning Plan – please feel free to contact Doreen or Nancy if you have difficulty finding the courses.


AgLearn – Catalog

Add to Learning Plan – With this, you can being training, stop and start again anytime until you finish

important print and keep your certificates of completion
Important!! Print and keep your Certificates of Completion!

We are required to deactivate your AgLearn Account when you have completed all of the required training courses. Therefore, you must print and keep your Certificates of Completion for each course you complete.

Your account can be re-activated at a later date, on request, if you need additional courses, but we cannot guarantee that your learning history will still be available. It is best to keep your Certificates for your records.

While your account is account there could be additional Security related courses added to your account. You can take these courses if you wish.

thank you

State Contacts for AgLearn

Nancy Paolini – TSP Coordinator


Doreen Dougherty – Training Coordinator (AgLearn Coordinator)

Thank you!