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AgLearn for Partners. Step 1: eAuthentication. To begin using AgLearn, you will need to go through a simple two step process.  First , you need a USDA eAuthentication account.  If you already have a Level 2 account, proceed to “Register” in AgLearn.

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aglearn for partners

AgLearn for Partners

step 1 eauthentication
Step 1: eAuthentication
  • To begin using AgLearn, you will need to go through a simple two step process.  First , you need a USDA eAuthentication account. 
  • If you already have a Level 2 account, proceed to “Register” in AgLearn.
submit level 2 registration
Submit Level 2 Registration
  • Continue and submit.
  • Follow the directions on the screen. You will receive an email confirmation.
  • Wait the specified time, usually 20 minutes.
  • Login to the site as instructed in the email to confirm your Level 2 account information.
final step to level 2 accounts
Final step to Level 2 accounts
  • You must visit a local USDA office with your valid photo ID (non-USDA).
  • Any USDA office has staff that can confirm your ID.
  • State Driver's License, State Photo ID, US Passport or US Military ID.
  • The USDA staff member will enter the expiration date from your ID.
level 2 accounts
Level 2 Accounts
  • Level 2 Account – An account with Level 2 Access provides access to all the portals and applications that are covered by an account with Level 2 Access, and also provides the ability to conduct official electronic business transactions with the USDA via the Internet. You must have a valid email address to register for an account with Level 2 Access. You create a customer profile, User ID, password that you will remember and respond to a confirmation email within seven (7) days. In addition, you must visit the nearest USDA Service Center in person and prove your identity with a current State Driver's License, State Photo ID, US Passport or US Military ID. A Level 1 Access account is NOT required before obtaining a Level 2 Access Account. If you already have an account with Level 1 Access, log into your profile and apply for Level 2 Access.
level 2 account maintenance
Level 2 account maintenance
  • Use this website to maintain your Level 2 account.
  • Changes to
  • Address, phone, email, password.
  • You cannot change your login ID.
using aglearn
Using AgLearn
  • You will receive an email from Doreen Dougherty letting you know you are now authorized to use AgLearn.
step 3 aglearn registration
Step 3 – AgLearn Registration
  • You are now able to login to AgLearn and Register for an AgLearn Account.
complete the form be sure and enter doreen dougherty s name and email address
Complete the form. Be sure and enter Doreen Dougherty’s name and email address.
  • Be sure and select the choices listed here.
  • NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service)
  • NRCS-External-NJ-Public
  • Doreen Dougherty
  • Partner
  • Dougherty
  • Doreen
  • Your District’s Name
  • Press “Submit”.
submitting names to doreen dougherty
Submitting names to Doreen Dougherty
  • Your supervisor or a District representative will provide names to Doreen Dougherty in order for her to recognize people requesting AgLearn access.
authorizing your aglearn account
Authorizing your AgLearn account.
  • Doreen Dougherty, AgLearn Coordinator, will get an email asking her to authorize your account. She will then activate your Aglearn account and send you an email confirming your access. She will do this as soon as possible but usually within 3 business days.
  • AgLearn - The Agriculture Learning (AgLearn) system is USDA's new department-wide system for managing training records and activity at USDA. AgLearn is one of the USDA eGovernment strategic initiatives and directly supports the Presidential eGovernment initiative for e-Training. USDA employees and USDA partners will use AgLearn to search, access, enroll in, and record all training opportunities through the web, any time, any place. Training opportunities on AgLearn will include both online courses as well as instructor-led training. USDA employees will have a record of their training on AgLearn and also can plan their future career development in the system. By using AgLearn, USDA employees will have access 24x7, anytime, and anyplace. The catalogue contains online courses as well as in tradition, class-room and field courses.
using aglearn1
Using AgLearn


1.Register and activate Level 2 eAuthentication account. Requires visit to USDA office with valid photo ID.

2. Register for AgLearn using Doreen Dougherty as contact name and email.

3. Received email confirming AgLearn registration.

5 tabs
5 tabs
  • Personal – your personal courses
  • Learning
  • Career
  • Catalog
  • Reports
learning courses you have requested started or are required to take you can launch them from here
Learning – courses you have requested, started or are required to take. You can launch them from here.
courses available
Courses Available
  • Online courses
  • Local classroom courses
  • Telecourses
  • NEDS courses

Some require fees and some may not be offered at this time.

types of courses
Types of courses
  • Engineering
  • Desktop Curricula (Software)
  • NRCS courses - (AgLearn Original Courseware Structure)
  • Civil Rights, Outreach, Sexual Harassment
  • Management
  • IT – computer and security
free and online course
Free and online course
  • Free and online – launch content
  • Request Schedule – probably require fee
  • Order
  • Partners can take 6 courses per year. One must include IT security.
engineering example hydrology training series runoff curve numbers no cost launch content
Engineering example – Hydrology Training Series, runoff curve numbers, no cost, launch content.
  • Conservation Planning
  • Cultural Resources
  • Hydrology
  • Water Quality
  • IT Security
  • Microsoft and Adobe products, various skill levels
  • Register for level 2 eAuthentication account
  • Visit USDA office to verify with photo ID
  • Register for AgLearn (submit name to Doreen Dougherty)
  • Login to AgLearn using Level 2 ID and password.
  • AgLearn Contact - Doreen.dougherty@nj.usda.govCall via voice relay from NJ, 800-852-7897 or (711) and request 732-537-6083
  • eAuthentication Contact - Nancy.Paolini@nj.usda.gov732-537-6056This Power Point – download from site below or email Nancy above