ib middle years programmers five areas of interaction n.
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IB Middle Years Programmers Five Areas of Interaction

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IB Middle Years Programmers Five Areas of Interaction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IB Middle Years Programmers Five Areas of Interaction. Introduction to Unit 2 Advertising. The Five Areas of Interaction Are:. Approaches to learning Community and service Human ingenuity Environment Health and social education.

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the five areas of interaction are
The Five Areas of Interaction Are:
  • Approaches to learning
  • Community and service
  • Human ingenuity
  • Environment
  • Health and social education
approaches of learning
Approaches of Learning
  • You know and can apply the strategies that are used in your class that help you to learn .
  • You learn the fundamentals of planning, organizing and presenting information by using oral and written language effectively , reading for a variety of purposes, and working independently and cooperatively to achieve a goal.
  • Examples( develop good study habits, become active listeners, note taking, being aware of different kinds of language, asking and answering pertinent questions, improving vocabulary, writing in a variety of forms)
community and service
Community and Service
  • Recognizing and developing and understanding of the world around you.
  • Projects and assignments encourage you to be come a responsible and caring participant in the local community setting and the wider communities.
  • Example: Producing video reports to make other students aware of different needs and various ways to help others. Participating in discussions and debates on moral and social issues relating to involvement of the individual within the community. Corresponding with pen friends in other countries who speak your language.
human ingenuity
Human Ingenuity
  • Students look at human contributions
  • Contributions result from human instinct to create, innovate, develop, or transform our lives and our world.
  • Examples: Creating and discovering ways to apply technology, such as multimedia presentations. Learning to assess the social and ethical impact of language through the study of propaganda and advertisements and development of creative writing skills.
  • You are challenged to under stand and accept responsibility for maintaining a natural and sustainable world for present and future generations.
  • Link between issues including economics, political, cultural and social issues to develop positive and responsible attitudes and to gain the motivation, skills and commitment to contribute to your environment.

Example: Discuss and react to environmental issues, exploring the relationship between the human and non-human world as seen in world literature, exploring cultural differences

health and social education
Health and Social Education
  • You are encouraged to have respect for body and mind, which in turn enables you to make informed, responsible choices.
  • Develops your social skills, both individually and in cooperation with others.
  • Examples: Investigating a range of health issues such as population, HIV/AIDS, eating disorders, public health care, stress, depression, investigating social issues such as censorship, human rights, economic issues and animal rights, discussing moral issues.
introduction to advertising unit 2 lli english i
Introduction to AdvertisingUnit 2 LLI English I

Guided Question:

How does advertising target particular audiences and persuade them?

student survey
Student Survey
  • Answer questions 1-15 on your survey independently 7 min
  • Analyze and discuss the results of your surveys with your group (10 min)
  • Present your results. (Each group has 3min to present)
advertising techniques activity
Advertising Techniques Activity
  • As a group brainstorm all the different advertising techniques and provide example of the of each technique you have listed.
merchants of cool the art of teen marketing
Merchants of Cool The Art of Teen Marketing