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THE IPCRG. International Primary Care Respiratory Group. IPCRG. Is an independent international primary care respiratory organisation. M ission.

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the ipcrg


International Primary Care Respiratory Group



Is an independent international primary care respiratory organisation

m ission
  • The IPCRG provides a forum for its constituent National Groups so that it may represent international primary care perspectives in respiratory medicine and raise standards of care in individual countries and globally, through collaborative research, innovation, dissemination of best practice and education
p rinciples
  • Need for primary care research
  • Value of like-minded professionals coming together across world
  • Our members have significant academic standing and expertise
  • Combine serious work and enjoyment
  • Relevant to all health professionals in primary care
  • Key role to educate them about best practice and receive feedback
  • Support implementation
p rinciples5
  • Evolving to become truly international and influential
  • Make decisions in a transparent and open way
  • Guard the independence of our opinion, conference, organisation and logo
  • Acknowledge funding from the pharmaceutical industry but remain independent of it
c urrent a dvisory b oard m embers

CAHAG (Netherlands)

Grupo Respiratorio (Spain)

Lunger i Praksis ( Norway)

Swedish GP Asthma Group

Irish GP's in Asthma Group

Danish Respiratory Group

National Asthma Council (Australia)

New Zealand Primary Care Respiratory Group

Family Physician Airways Group of Canada

Pakistan, The Allergy and Asthma Clinics and The Institute of Asthma and Allergy

Cyprus Respiratory Group

National Primary Care Respiratory Group (NPCRG Bangladesh)



Respiratory Group (Germany)






Saudi Respiratory Asthma Group (SRAG)





Current Advisory Board Members
p roducts
  • 2002 Conference Amsterdam
  • 2004 Conference Melbourne
  • International primary care guidelines Feb 04
  • 2006 Conference: Oslo
  • 2008 Conference: Spain
  • 2010 Conference Toronto
  • 2 COPD research projects + 2 in pipeline
  • Fact and Opinion Statements – Theophylline, Spirometry, Primary Care Guidelines, Palliative Care in COPD
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Website
  • Journal
  • Small secretariat, virtual + flexible operation
  • 1st choice communication: electronic + phone
w ebsite
  • Editorial Team: Drs Mike Thomas, Miguel Ramon, Hetty Van Dijk
  • Consulting Editor: Dr Mark Levy
  • Action plan
    • Prepare platform for guidelines
    • Support national organisations
    • Ratchet up content and speed of change

Primary Care Respiratory Journal

Journal of the General Practice Airways Group

Official Journal of the

International Primary Care Respiratory Group

Friday 16th May 2003

Volume 12 Number 1 March 2003


Pulse oximetry and respiratory disease in primary care

Table of Contents

In this issue

Mark Levy 

Pulse oximetry and respiratory disease in primary care

Dr Neil Chavannes 

The feasibility and usefulness of oximetry measurements in primary care

Dr Kevin Jones  Paul Cassidy Ms Helen Ellis 

A pilot study to assess the feasibility and acceptability of undertaking acute asthma professional development in three different UK primary care settings

Dr Hilary Pinnock  Gaylor Hoskins  Barbara Smith Mrs Trisha Weller  David Price 

The admission of patients with pneumonia directly from the emergency department to Hospital in the Home

Dr Michael Montalto 

COPD: The role of primary care in effective diagnosis, treatment and management

Onno van Schayck Dr Klaus F Rabe Dr Michael Rudolf 

Primary care management of asthma using written management plans and asthma clinics: evidence of effectiveness from recent Cochrane reviews

Dr Felix S F Ram 

Stop Think: Asthma and dysfunctional breathing

Mike Thomas 

Letter to the Editor - Scottish Paediatric Asthma Group

Dr Iain R Small 


Asthma Guidelines Supplement

Mark Levy  John Haughney  Rupert C M Jones Ms Phillipa Madge Dr Hilary Pinnock  Mike Thomas