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Bacup IT Real Time Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Bacup IT Real Time Solutions

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Bacup IT Real Time Solutions

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  1. Evolving IT Backing for Evolving Business Bacup IT Real Time Solutions

  2. Mainstreams of the developments in the field of electronic apparatus, hardware and software complex solutions • Development of the embedded real-time systems on the basis of microcontrollers and signal processors • Systems of information capture and control over the objects of industrial automatics • Systems of information capture / treatment for public utilities • Units of power electronics (power current converters)

  3. Competence of the development team • 8, 16-Bit Microcontrollers (Atmel, Intel, Microchip, Motorola) • FPGA (Altera, Xilinx), LanguagesVerilog, AHDL • DSP (Motorola, TI) • Development tool: AVR-GCC (WinAVR), AVR Studio, Code Composer Studio, MPLAB IDE, Code Warrior, Qurtus II, IAR C, OrCAD, Accel EDA • Programming languages: C, Assembler

  4. Hard-and Software Complex Solutions Elevator Control -and Dispatch Station „Soyuz“.Main features • Distributed control system consists of peripheral controllers which are installed in the elevator shaft and on the elevator cabin and central controller of the elevator automatic. The information which comes from the peripheral controllers is worked on by the central controller which executive instructions provides. • The connection with the peripheral apparatus is realized by two double-wire lines via protocols CAN (separate channels of shaft and cabin)

  5. Hard-and Software Complex Solutions Elevator Control -and Dispatch Station „Soyuz“.Main features • The reduction of number of the laid cables belongs to the differences of the system; possibilities of operating system adaptation to the private demands; energy saving and resource enlargement of the energy installation; uninterrupted standby electricity supply; integrated system of dispatch a. o. • The system supports some operation modes of the elevator, including four emergency operation modes (danger of fire; fire-brigade transportation; evacuation; standby electricity supply). • Module design of the system allows improving the component independently and extending the functionality easily.

  6. Hard-and Software Complex SolutionsElevator Control -and Dispatch Station „Soyuz“.Main features • Frequency converter with the vector control for main driving gear and door driving gear provide moderation of the cabin heave and higher comfort. • With the mains voltage failure the evacuator protects the passenger's transportation up to the next floor and the opening of the cabin doors. • With the mains voltage failure the standby current source protects emergency lighting in the cabin and vocal connection with the dispatcher during at least one hour.

  7. Overview • The system demands no additional security and dispatcher arrangements. • Possible means to connect organization of the elevator control and dispatch center: ISDN; ADSL, HDSL; Ethernet (TCP/IP); radio channel; arrangements of the foreign manufacturers.

  8. Software • Software is developed with use of languages C and Assembler, and is characterized by the real time-operating system, module architecture, scalability, self-control and self-dynamics. • By module substitute and addition one can implement different modes of elevator operation; use different types of frequency converter and communication protocols; connect devices of data capture and remote control.

  9. Elevator controlstation „Soyuz“ hasbeenpresented on theexhibition Lift Expo 2005, Moscow.

  10. Perspective development streams in the field of elevator automatics: Development of the program ofelevator control center and advancement of dispatch (installation of the communication controllers on the electric wiring; development of the program for capture and treatment of elevator transactions, for planning and capture of elevators service works)

  11. Perspective development streams in the field of elevator automatics: • Elevator evacuator (stand-alone installation supplied with batteries, voltage converter, logical control device, which is installed in elevators of every construction) • System of vocal signal • Video control of the elevator cabins (stand-alone, with data storage on the hard disk or net-supervision cameras).

  12. Contactinformation Corporate HeadquartersBacup IT Russia, NovosibirskPisareva str. 102/1, Novosibirsk, 630112, Russia.Phone: +7(383) 325 07 71Fax: +7 (383) 325 07 74