injection linac extraction correctors preliminary design and safety review n.
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Injection, Linac, Extraction, & Correctors Preliminary Design and Safety Review

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Injection, Linac, Extraction, & Correctors Preliminary Design and Safety Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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12GeV Upgrade - Beam Transport. Injection, Linac, Extraction, & Correctors Preliminary Design and Safety Review. LINACs Michael Bevins May 17, 2007. Outline. Introduction & Scope Requirements & Specifications New/Modified Linac Elements/Girder Count Beam Transport Layouts

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction & Scope
  • Requirements & Specifications
  • New/Modified Linac Elements/Girder Count
  • Beam Transport Layouts
  • Safety Considerations
  • Cost Estimates
  • Risk Assessment
  • Summary
introduction scope
Introduction & Scope
  • The12GeV upgrade requires an additional ten cryomodules
    • Five in the north linac and five in the south
  • NEW modules are longer than the original CEBAF modules
    • Result: Warm region girders downstream of the new modules must be replaced with a new short girder
      • Like downstream of SL21
  • 12GeV field strength requirements force us to replace two QB quads at the start of the linac with QCs
  • Songsheet level machine layouts, QB to QC mod, and the short warm region girder will be presented along with cost estimates
    • Only modified sections of the LINACs will be included in this presentation
requirements specifications
Requirements & Specifications
  • Alignment specs
    • Quads positioned to +/-0.5mm in x & y, +/- 1.0mm in z
  • Vacuum specs
    • Pre linac: (at MQB1L00 & 01)
      • Beam line partial pressure of hydrogen <10-6 torr
      • Total average pressure of all other constituents less than 5x10-7 torr
    • Warm region girders between cryomodules
      • UHV
  • Fabrication, welding, cleaning & handling, and leak checking specs still apply
    • 22631-S-001 Fabrication of Ultra-High Vacuum Equipment
    • 22632-S-001 Cleaning and Handling of U.H.V. Components
    • 22633-S-001 Welding Specification For U.H.V. Components
    • 22634-S-001 Helium Leak Test For U.H.V. Components
    • Note an update and modernization of our vacuum specs is underway
new modified linac elements girder count
New/Modified LinacElements/Girder Count
  • Elements in red are part of I&C WBS
beam transport layouts n s linac

North Linac

South Linac

Beam Transport Layouts – N&S Linac
  • North Linac 1st Section
    • QB to QC change at MQB1L00 & 01
  • N&S Linac Sections 3 & 4
    • Add new modules in zones 22 through 25
    • Replace warm region girders with new short girder
beam transport layouts qb to qc change
Beam Transport Layouts – QB to QC change
  • MQB1L00 & MQB1L01 girder modifications
    • Replace QB quads with higher strength QCs
    • Shift MQB1L00 stand 4 inches upbeam to improve girder stability
    • Shift MQB1L01 upbeam 7.6cm from 12GeV dimad position

View looking upbeam to MQB1L00 & 01 girders



beam transport layouts n s linac1
Beam Transport Layouts – N&S Linac

Layout of new modules & girders in linac

DP station moved to end of linac

Current Configuration (Zones 19 – 22)

12GeV Configuration (Zones 19 – 22)

New module

Replace module baseplates

Current Configuration (Zones 23 – 26)

12GeV Configuration (Zones 23 – 26)

Five New warm girders

Four New modules

beam transport layouts warm region girders
Beam Transport Layouts – Warm Region Girders
  • Warm girder design reviewed in Oct 2004
  • Prototyped and installed at SL21
  • Designed to accommodate multiple combinations of cryomodule configurations
  • Quad, BPM, and alignment cartridges will be reused on new short girders

H&V nested Air Core correctors over BPM

Viewer & pump drop cross


New stand

Existing baseplate

New short warm region girder

Old warm region girder

safety considerations
Safety Considerations
  • Personnel Training
    • Jlab & sub-contractor
  • Radiation
    • Designated areas for containment and radiation survey of material that will be removed from the tunnel
  • Material handling
    • Provide provisions for lifting
  • Electrical Hazards
    • Package and support electronics, power leads and terminal blocks to control electrical hazards
cost estimates linac wbs rollup
Cost Estimates – LINAC WBS Rollup

WBS Elements I have covered today

cost estimates highlighted wbs
Cost Estimates - Highlighted WBS

Girder & Stand Procurements

* Warm girder qty includes one spare

* Warm girder cost reviewed as part of Quad review on May 3rd 2007

risk assessment
Risk Assessment
  • Technical - Low
    • Girders & Supports – very similar designs exist and are already proven
    • Warm region girder prototyped and installed at SL21
    • Alignment - same as existing machine
  • Procurement Schedule - Low
    • No long-lead items identified
  • Cost – Low
    • Linac warm region girder recently prototyped
    • Good cost estimates for machined parts
      • Vendor & Jlab shop budgetary estimates
  • Preliminary LINAC beam transport layouts, cost and installation estimates to support CEBAF at 12GeV are complete based on present scope
  • We are in a good position to support our DOE External Project Reviews this summer
  • We will continue to work closely with our friends throughout the lab (safety, CASA, installation, vacuum, alignment, RadCon, I&C, magnet measurement, operations, procurement & facilities) as we move forward
  • Detailed design will be completed to support assembly and installation schedules
  • We look forward to comments & recommendations from the committee