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Driver Safety Education Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Driver Safety Education Review

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Driver Safety Education Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Driver Safety Education Review
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  1. Driver Safety Education Review This review was last updated in 2009. Refer to the Drivers’ Manual for new rules & laws.

  2. What is the term for the ability to judge distances? Depth Perception B

  3. What are three signs that a pedestrian is blind? Cane, Guide Dog, Dark Glasses

  4. Within how many feet of a crosswalk are you not allowed to park? 20 Feet B

  5. What does a red triangular sign mean? Slow Moving Vehicle B

  6. What does it mean when a left arrow changes to a round green light? Cars turning left must yield to oncoming traffic

  7. What can be done with a standard transmission to help stop/slow a vehicle? Downshift B

  8. If you need to make or receive a call on your cell phone while driving, what should you do? Park safely and then make or receive the call

  9. What is the maximum penalty for violating a driving restriction? $500 Fine &/or 6 Months in Jail

  10. What is the penalty for not having liability insurance? Up to $250 fine, 30 days in jail and suspension of license & car registration

  11. What four things must you always yield the right-of-way to? Emergency Vehicles (w/ lights/siren on) Blind People Pedestrians in Crosswalks Loading/Unloading School & Church Buses

  12. What are four ways to deal with road rage? Don’t play the game Avoid eye contact Remove yourself from the situation Report it to the police

  13. What does a steady yellow light mean? Warning - The light is about to turn red!

  14. When do you stop for a yellow light? When you can do so safely (before the point-of-no-return)

  15. What is the term for an addition to one’s driving privilege? Endorsement B

  16. What three things are involved in stopping a car? Perception Reaction Braking

  17. What does a solid line mean? No Passing B

  18. What does the “9” restriction mean? Learner’s Permit B

  19. When does your license probationary period end? Age 18 B

  20. What is the maximum speed limit allowed on two-lanes highways? 65 mph (may be posted slower, but not faster) B

  21. In what direction relative to the motor traffic should bicycles travel? Same Direction B

  22. What is the term for the fact that people tend to drive faster in town after driving on the freeway? Velocification B

  23. About how far ahead should you be scanning the roadway when driving 25 mph? 2 Blocks B

  24. What should you not wear at night no matter how cool they make you look? Sunglasses B

  25. What does collision insurance cover? Damage done to your car (that is your fault)

  26. What three items are you required to show someone with whom you’ve had a collision? Driver’s License Insurance Verification Car Registration

  27. What does a flashing yellow light mean? Slow down; proceed with caution

  28. What does a yellow “X” over a lane of traffic mean? Clear the lane B

  29. What should you always try to leave yourself in all driving situations? A way OUT! B

  30. What does APC stand for? Actual Physical Control (of a motor vehicle)

  31. How does the “child” react in driving situations? Emotionally “I’ll drive the way I want to.” B

  32. Driving is not a right it is a __. privilege B

  33. What is the minimum liability insurance required in Oklahoma? 25/50/25

  34. Within how many feet of a railroad crossing are you not allowed to park? 50 Feet B

  35. What is the number of points required in a five-year period to suspend an adult’s driver’s license? 10 B

  36. What is the maximum penalty for driving without a license? $500 Fine and/or 6 Month in Jail

  37. What color are lines that separate traffic moving in the same direction? White B

  38. When do you turn the wheel all the way to the left when parallel parking? When your front wheels are opposite the rear bumper of the front car

  39. What three types of insurance make up “full coverage” insurance? Liability Collision Comprehensive

  40. What is the basic speed rule? Drive at a speed proper for the conditions and within the posted limits

  41. What is the term for your left-right field of vision? Peripheral Vision

  42. What is the maximum speed limit allowed on an interstate highway? 70 mph (may be posted slower, but not faster) B

  43. What advantage do older drivers have over younger drivers? Experience B

  44. Who supersedes a traffic light? Police Officer

  45. When do you use your rearview mirror in a passenger car for backing? Never B

  46. What should you do if your right wheels go off onto the soft shoulder of the road? Drive straight and carefully slow down to a safe speed to pull carefully back onto the paved road (do not jerk the wheel to the left)

  47. At what rate does alcohol leave your blood stream? 1 Ounce Per Hour B

  48. What is the term for the inability to tell red from green? (Red-Green) Color Blindness

  49. In rainy conditions, when is the roadway the most slippery? When it first starts to rain

  50. What happens to your license if you drop out of school before age 18? It is revoked B