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PowerPoint Notes PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerPoint Notes

PowerPoint Notes

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PowerPoint Notes

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  1. PowerPoint Notes

  2. About PowerPoint PowerPoint is a presentation graphics program that lets you create slide shows you can present by showing the slides on a computer or projection screen or by publishing the slides as interactive Web pages.

  3. PowerPoint Presentation A presentation can include handouts, outlines, and speaker notes as well as slides. PowerPoint slides may contain text and various other types of content, such as clipart, pictures, movies, tables, or charts

  4. PowerPoint Views Normal View-Default view Slide Sorter View – displays the entire presentation in large thumbnails Slide Show View – Displays one slide at a time using the full monitor size

  5. Work with Normal View Panes • Normal view allows you to work with slides in several ways: • Use the Slide pane to insert and modify slide content. • Use the Notes pane to add text for personal reference.

  6. Work with Normal View Panes The Slides tab in the Slides/Outline pane shows a small version of all slides in the presentation and can be used to quickly select slides or reorganize them The Outline tab, behind the Slides tab in the Slides/Outline pane, lets you view all slide content in outline format

  7. Ways to Create a Presentation Use a Blank presentation Create slides from an outline Create a presentation using PowerPoint templates Based on an existing presentation

  8. Create a Presentation from a Blank Presentation When PowerPoint start, it displays a single blank slide you can use to start a new presentation The blank slide does not include any graphic content such as a background

  9. Work with Placeholders Placeholders define the arrangement and location of text and other objects you can add to slides To insert text in a placeholder, click inside the placeholder and begin typing

  10. Add Slides to a Presentation Use the New Slide button on the Home tab to add a slide to a presentation If the active slide uses a layout other than the Title Slide, PowerPoint inserts a new slide with the same layout as the one currently displayed.

  11. Select a Slide Layout To specify a particular layout for a slide, click the down arrow on the New Slide button to display a gallery of slide layout choices A slide layout arranges the standard objects of a presentation-titles, charts, text, clip art- on the slide to make it attractive

  12. Create a Presentation from a Template You can find PowerPoint templates in the New Presentation dialog box. Some templates provides a number of slides with sample text and graphic

  13. Apply a Theme A theme provides a background, a color palette, a selection of fonts for titles and text, distinctive bullets, and a range of special effects that can be applied to shapes Controls the slide layout of the placeholder

  14. Rearrange Slides Slide Sorter view is your best option for moving slides from one place in a presentation to another. Rearrange slides in Slide Sorter view by simply dragging a slide to a new location. You can also rearrange slides in Slides tab in Normal view

  15. Insert Header/Footer, Date, and Slide Numbers Use a slide footer to identify a presentation’s topic, author, client, or other information You can use the options on the Notes and Handouts tab to add a header in addition to date and time, slide number, and footer.

  16. Change Slide Size and Orientation By default, slides are displayed in landscape orientation and notes pages and handouts are displayed in portrait orientation You can use the new Slide Orientation button on the Design tab to quickly switch from one orientation to another.

  17. Add Slide Transitions Transitions are the visual effects used when one slide moves off of the screen and another moves onto the screen The transition gallery offers almost 60 different transitions

  18. Slide Transition After you apply a transition, a star symbol appears below the slide in Slide Sorter and below the slide number in the Slides tab. Can click the star to preview the transition effect.

  19. Animation Tab • Apply movement to text or object • The Animation tab offers several options • Select a sound effect or sound clip to accompany the transition • Choose a speed for the transition: Slow, Medium, or Fast • Choose have to advance slides: by clicking the mouse or automatically based on a specific time lapse • Apply setting to all slides at the same time

  20. Animate Text and Objects • You can animate text on slides to add interest to your presentation or to emphasize special points • Two options for applying animation • Simple, Preset animation • Custom animation

  21. Insert a Link on Slides Use the Hyperlink button on the Insert tab to set up links from a slide to another, a custom show in the same presentation, a different presentation or document, or a Web site Links are display in a different color with an underline. Links are active only in Slide Show view.

  22. Printing a Presentation You can print your entire presentation in color, grayscale or pure black and white The default is to print each slide as a page however you can choose to print 2-9 miniature slides per slide You can print slides, handouts, Notes pages or a presentation as an outline