Taking notes in powerpoint
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Taking Notes in Powerpoint - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taking Notes in Powerpoint. Screenshots, Cropping images, and Drawing shapes. The Printscreen Button. Located in the upper right quadrant of the keyboard. Takes a Screenshot, or image capture, and copies it to the Clipboard.

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Taking notes in powerpoint

Taking Notes in Powerpoint

Screenshots, Cropping images, and Drawing shapes

The printscreen button
The Printscreen Button

  • Located in the upper right quadrant of the keyboard.

  • Takes a Screenshot, or image capture, and copies it to the Clipboard.

  • The Clipboard is a place where the computer can store images or text for later Paste commands.

  • Paste by pressing Ctrl+V

Creating and formatting slides
Creating and Formatting Slides

  • Click New Slide at the top left of your screen, and then select Two Content from the menu below.

  • This will give you a section to take notes in, and an area to paste a picture.

Paste and crop screenshot
Paste and Crop Screenshot

  • Paste your screenshot by clicking in one of the content boxes, and pressing Ctrl+V on the keyboard.

  • Notice the selection handles and the blinking cursor indicating that you have the content field selected.

  • Crop your image by selecting Picture Tools from the top menu. (It appears above the rest and glows red.) The Crop button will appear on the right side of the top menu.

Guided notes task
Guided Notes Task

  • Create a New Slide with Two Content boxes.

  • In one content box type your name and class period.

  • Take a screenshot at any point and paste it in the other content box.

Draw shapes to highlight content
Draw shapes to highlight content

  • Select Insert, Shapes, from the top menu.

  • Use Squares or Arrows to point to specific areas on an image.

  • Right click on the shape to edit the color. Select No Fill to make empty rectangles.

  • Choose a color that contrasts sharply against the screenshot color.

  • Fill and Outline colors are selected separately.

Line weights
Line Weights

  • Change the thickness, or line weight, of the outline to clearly show what you are selecting.

  • With the Outline Options icon selected, click on Weight, then select a thickness from the menu.

  • You can click More Lines for another menu where you can type any value for line weight, among other things.

Guided notes task1
Guided Notes Task

  • Fill the following slide with the following shapes:

    • Rectangle

    • Up Arrow

    • Down Arrow

    • Left Arrow

    • Right Arrow

  • Modify the shapes as follows:

    • Make 1 shape transparent.

    • Make each of the rest different colors.

    • Change the line weight of 1 shape to between 2 and 6 points.

    • Change the line weight of another to over 10 points.

Multiple screenshots
Multiple Screenshots

  • To place multiple screenshots on a single page, first make an additional two content slide.

  • Create your slide as normal. When you run out of content boxes, move on to the next slide.

  • Crop and resize your image as normal.

  • With the image selected, press Ctrl+X to Cut it.

  • The image has been copied to the clipboard and deleted from the page. The content box automatically reforms.

  • Go to the previous slide and press Ctrl+V to Paste your image.

Context vs size
Context vs Size

  • Entire screenshots show lots of context, but everything is small and detail is hard to see.

  • Cropped, zoomed-in view show lots of detail, but no context (where to click on the screen to open the menu, for example)

  • Show a full screenshot with a rectangular box around the area you want to detail.

  • Make the box No Fill. Pick an appropriate color for the outline, and make it thick.

  • Copy/Paste the image, and crop it to the size of the rectangle. Resize the cropped shot to show the appropriate detail.

Context vs size1
Context vs Size

Guided notes task3
Guided Notes Task

  • Paste multiple screenshots onto the slide below.

  • Include thefollowing shots:

  • 2 context shots.

  • The appropriate detail shots with an arrow pointing to a specific button.

  • Hints

    • You can copy/paste an image to quickly make a context/detail pair.

    • You can copy/paste shapes as well.