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Faculty & Staff Devotion PowerPoint Presentation
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Faculty & Staff Devotion

Faculty & Staff Devotion

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Faculty & Staff Devotion

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  1. Faculty & Staff Devotion 19th of July 2012

  2. Opening Song: “I Give You My Heart” This is my desire To honor You Lord, with all my heart I worship You All I have within me I give You praise All that I adore Is in You

  3. Chorus: Lord, I give You my heart I give You my soul I live for You alone Every breath that I take Every moment I awake Lord, have Your way in me. (Repeat Chorus)

  4. Opening Prayer

  5. Heavenly Father, we come down before You and glorify Your holy name. We ask for your presence to be upon us and cleanse us from all our iniquities. We thank You, Lord, for your loving presence that makes us strong and guided at all times. As we go on with our devotion with you, continuously search our hearts. Touch us, Lord, that Your message be planted in us. We believe, Father, that you always want what’s best for us.In the mighty name of Your Son JESUS CHRIST, we pray…AMEN.

  6. The Message By: Maria Kristina C. Cheng

  7. Choose one color then say your piece…If I were ____________________,I am now ___________________.I wish I am __________________,so I can be __________________.If I had ____________________,I could have been__________.

  8. This is our nature. We tend to look for what we do not see, ask for what we do not have. We spend our days regretting… “I could have been this, I could have been that… if I were, If I have..I should have had….” When can we say.. Thank you! I have it all!

  9. An airplane pilot was flying over the Tennessee mountains and pointed out a lake to his co-pilot… “See that lake? When I was a kid I used to sit in a rowboat down there, fishing. Every time a plane would fly overhead, I’d look up and wish I was flying it. Now I look down and wish I was in a rowboat fishing.”

  10. “Contentment” …Can be an illusive pursuit. We go after what we think will make us happy only to find that it didn’t work; in fact, we were happier before we started the quest.

  11. Just like the story of the two teardrops floating down the river of life.. Who are you? I’m a teardrop from the girl who got him. I’m a teardrop from a girl who loved and lost a man. Who are you?


  13. Lack of Contentment ..that marks our nation is reflected in many ways…

  14. We see it in high rate of consumer debt. We aren’t content to live within our means, so we go into debt to live a bit better than we can afford.

  15. We always want new clothes, new bags, new shoes, new cellphones.. But then we suffer anxiety from the pressure of paying all our bills.

  16. Our discontent is reflected in our high rate of mobility. We’re always on the move to look for a better house, a better job, a better place to retire. We always think that we will be contented if we get high remuneration, good shifting schedules and various benefits. Sounds perfect!

  17. Then here comes the slave driving, inconsiderate, workaholic boss that will turn you into …

  18. a pretty, classy office girl ever!

  19. Our discontent rears its head in our high divorce rate. We can’t find happiness in our marriages, so we trade our mates in for a different model, only to find that some problems reoccur.

  20. Philippians 4: 10-13 THE WORD OF GOD IS CLEAR!

  21. But let us not mistake contentment with complacency… Contentment vs. Complacency

  22. Contentment means: • Peace of mind • Mental or emotional satisfaction • It is an inner sense of rest or peace that comes from being right with God and knowing that He is in control of all that happens to us.

  23. Complacency means: • A feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try to make them better. • OK NA’TO!

  24. 1 Corinthians 7:21 “Were you a slave when you were called? Don't let it trouble you--although if you can gain your freedom, do so.” -NIV-

  25. As Christians we can work to better our circumstances as we have opportunity. The Bible extols hard work and the reward that come from it as long as we are free from greed. Paul tells us not to give undue concern to gaining our freedom. If you are single and lonely, there is nothing wrong with seeking a godly mate, as long as you’re not so consumed that you lack sound judgment that comes from waiting patiently on the Lord.

  26. . If you’re in unpleasant job, there’s nothing wrong with finding another one, as long as you do in submission to the will of God.

  27. How do we acquire contentment?

  28. Focus on the Lord as the Sovereign One to whom we must submit. • Focus on the Lord as the Savior whom we must serve. • Focus on the Lord as the Sufficient One whom we must trust.

  29. Even if we get any material possession that we wish for.. our hearts will still push for more… It will be always be unending.. and still won’t give us happiness and healing…

  30. …don’t let go…

  31. Realize that we are far more gifted.. …family…

  32. and we have no right... …friends…

  33. …blessing… …to be discontented.

  34. End

  35. Thanks and God bless!!!