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Welcome Parents!

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Welcome Parents!. Class of 2013 Parent Orientation. This is Greenbrier High School!. 2135 (2008) students 186 (2009) faculty and staff Over 224,000 square feet 16 portables Over 570 (2008) classes taught each day 14 different sporting activities.

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welcome parents

Welcome Parents!

Class of 2013

Parent Orientation

this is greenbrier high school
This is Greenbrier High School!

2135 (2008) students

186 (2009) faculty and staff

Over 224,000 square feet

16 portables

Over 570 (2008) classes taught each day

14 different sporting activities

what can i expect as a high school parent
What can I expect as a high school parent?
  • Supervising homework
  • Communicating with teachers and counselors
  • Staying informed
  • Encouraging your child to stay focused and active
  • A student’s homework average is very important to his or her final grade and can make the difference between passing and failing.
  • Expect homework daily.
  • Students may spend about 30 minutes on homework for each core subject– a total of 2 hours per day.
  • Encourage your child to develop good study habits and organizational skills now, before entering 9th grade.
communicating with teachers and counselors

Communicating with Teachers and Counselors

Maintain regular communication with your child’s teachers through email.

Guidance counselors can be contacted by phone or email. If you would like to meet with the counselor, please call to schedule an appointment.

Parent/Teacher Conferences- Parents can communicate directly with the teacher in setting up a mutually convenient time for a conference. If a conference is needed with 3 or more teachers, this can be arranged by the counselor. He or she will set up the conference and notify you of the date, place and time of the conference (generally before school at 7am or after-school at 3pm).

staying informed
Staying Informed
  • Greenbrier High School Homepage: http://www1.ccboe.net/gbh/index.htm
  • Link to Parent resource page: http://www.ccboe.net/gbh/resources/parents.html
  • Links to Teachers’ Emails: Email is the best way to contact teachers.http://www1.ccboe.net/gbh/academics/index.htm
  • Student Resources: http://www.ccboe.net/gbh/resources/students.html
  • I-parent:


I-Parent is accessible from the internet and informs the parents of the student’s schedule, grades and assignments. It is recommended that parents periodically check I-Parent to stay informed.

encouraging your child to stay focused and active
Encouraging your child to stay focused and active
  • School must be the #1 priority!
  • Make sure your child is performing well academically before encouraging extra-curricular involvement.
  • Encourage a healthy balance and make sure your child is capable of managing his or her time well.

Clubs & Activities


Athletic Program


graduation requirements applies to the class of 2012 and beyond
Graduation Requirements(Applies to the Class of 2012 and beyond)

English 4 Units

Mathematics 4 Units

Science 4 Units

Social Studies 3 Units

Health & PE 1 Unit

(The GaDOE has approved for students who earn 3 or more units of JROTC to waive the Health/Personal Fitness requirement. Parents whose students choose this option must initial the registration form and sign a letter of intent.)

CTAE and/or

Fine Arts and/or

Modern (Foreign) Language 3 Units

(2 years of the same foreign language are required for admission into a 4-yr college)

State/Local Electives 4 Units

Total Minimum Units 23

earning credits
Earning Credits
  • Semester grades in classes result in credits.
  • You must pass classes with a 70 or above to earn credits.
  • Each class is worth .5 credits per SEMESTER.
  • You can earn 3 credits per semester and 6 credits per year.
  • 23 credits are needed to graduate.
credit earned in middle school
Credit Earned in Middle School

Credit for Spanish I

  • May be accepted or rejected at the end of the year.
  • Parents will be asked to submit in writing whether they want to accept Spanish I for high school credit. If so, it will appear on the high school transcript, but will not affect the student’s HOPE GPA.
  • If the parent decides to reject credit for Spanish I, the student will retake the course in high school for credit.
the hope scholarship
The HOPE Scholarship
  • The process towards becoming eligible for the HOPE Scholarship begins in 9th grade!
  • All grades earned in the core areas (pass or fail) will be counted in the calculation of the HOPE GPA. Credits earned in Middle School will not affect the HOPE GPA.
  • 3.0 GPA is required in order to be considered for HOPE.
  • For more information on the GA HOPE Program visit: http://gacollege411.org/FinAid/ScholarshipsAndGrants/HOPEScholarship
typical freshman schedule
Typical Freshman Schedule
  • Ninth Grade Literature
  • Math I
  • Biology
  • American Govt./World Geography
  • Personal Fitness/Health
  • Elective Course

9th graders will have the option of taking the following:

-Modern (foreign) Language*

-Career Technology

-Fine Arts

*Modern (Foreign) Language is not recommended for 9th graders unless they have successfully completed Spanish I in 8th grade.

*A minimum of 2 years of the same Modern Language is required for admission to a 4 year college/university.

career and technology programs
Career and Technology Programs
  • Agribusiness
  • Business/Computer Science
  • Drafting & Design
  • Family/Consumer Science
  • Healthcare Science
  • Technology Education

Courses and their descriptions for each program can be found in the Course Description Catalog.

career pathway
Career Pathway


Three (or 4) elective units in a coherent sequence that includes rigorous content aligned with industry-related standards leading to college and work readiness in a focused area of student interest.


Important to a student’s educational/ career planning in allowing them to build skills geared toward a particular career field or college major.


Horticulture Career Pathway

AGR 201-202 Agribusiness & Technology

AGR 203-204 Agribusiness and Technology II

AGR 205-206 General Horticulture

Natural Resource Career Pathway

AGR 201-202 Agribusiness & Technology

AGR 203-204 Agribusiness and Technology II


Small Business Development Pathway

BCS 233-234 Entrepreneurship

Computing Pathway

BCS 251-252 Emerging Business Applications (pre-requisite)

(Formerly known as Computer Applications)

BCS 255-256 Beginning Programming

Financial Management-Accounting Pathway

BCS 233-234 Entrepreneurship

Interactive Media Pathway

BCS 251-252 Emerging Business Applications (pre-requisite)

BCS 259-260 Web Design


Engineering & Design Pathway

DFT 221-222 Intro to Engineering Drawing

DFT 223-224 Concepts and Drawing

Architecture Design Pathway

DFT 221-222 Intro to Engineering Drawing

DFT 231-232 Architecture Drawing/Design I

health science
Health Science

HCA 201-202 Intro to Health Science

HCA 203-204 Clinical

-Must be currently enrolled in HCA 201-202

-Teacher recommendation is required

-Application & Interview Process


TEC 201-202 Foundations (Pre-requisite for other courses)

CAD, CAP, CNC, Electricity, Research & Design, Weather & Space, Audio/Video Production & Editing, Construction Technology, Telecommunications, Computer Graphics, Bio-related Tech, Graphic Design, and 3-D Animation

TEC 213-214 Communication Technology

Audio/Video Production and Broadcasting, Journalism, Photography, Computer Aided Publishing, Electronic Communications & Multimedia


TEC 217-218 Engineering Concepts

family consumer science
Family & Consumer Science

Culinary Arts Pathway

FCS 228-229 Intro to Culinary Arts OR

FCS 201-202 Nutrition & Wellness (Pre-requisites)

FCS 230-231 Culinary Arts I

Early Childhood Education/Human Growth Dev.

FCS 209-210 Human Growth and Development

FCS 211-212 Intro to Early Childhood Care & Education

Interior Design

FCS 207-208 Intro to Interior Design

FCS 284-285 Interior Design Fundamentals

fine arts
Fine Arts

Visual Arts




ap classes
AP classes

Students should be considered to take AP Govt. based on the following guidelines:

-Teacher recommendation

-Gifted Program

-Excellent study habits


-Time management skills

***Please note– The student and parent are required to sign an AP contract and the student is expected to remain in the course the entire school year.***

Students who sign up for AP Govt. will be invited to attend an orientation next semester.

what s included in the freshman registration packets
What’s included in the Freshman Registration Packets?
  • Graduation Requirements
  • High School Vocabulary
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Registration Form
  • Directions to Access Course Catalog
  • CTAE Course Descriptions
thanks for coming
Thanks for coming!

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