egn 1935 ece adventures robot super mario n.
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EGN 1935: ECE ADVENTURES Robot: Super Mario PowerPoint Presentation
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EGN 1935: ECE ADVENTURES Robot: Super Mario

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EGN 1935: ECE ADVENTURES Robot: Super Mario - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EGN 1935: ECE ADVENTURES Robot: Super Mario
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  1. EGN 1935: ECE ADVENTURESRobot: Super Mario Team Members Sam Kerns Anjelica Warren Reed Lengel

  2. Sam Kerns • Freshman • I was going to major in Pre-Pharmacy and something else • Now I have decided to major in EE • This class has revived my interest in robots and circuits • I want to get involved in some projects here • I want to work at Sigenics for a while, maybe become head of the Gainesville division

  3. Anjelica Warren • Freshman • Chemical or Electrical Engineering • Even though I am still undecided, I am now leaning towards a major in Electrical Engineering • Through hands -on practice, I learned about robotics and basic programming in a fun, interesting way. • I would love to mix my love for music with engineering possibly as a sound or audio engineer.

  4. Reed Lengel • Sophomore • Mechanical Engineering • When I started this class, I was undecided on my specific area of engineering. However I have since changed to Mechanical Engineering. • This class helped peak my interest in robotics and how they work.

  5. Design and Approach • Designed robot to continue moving forward for a certain amount of time unless noticeable change occurred in sensors • Three Infrared Sensors prevented the robot from bumping into the walls • CDS Cell detected the black strip at the end of the maze signaling the robot to turn around

  6. Problems and Solutions • Turning too late • Getting stuck in corners • Programmed robot to turn sooner by lowering minimum sensor reading that would cause it to turn • Isolated middle sensor with each side sensor separately

  7. Super Mario Competition Run

  8. ConclusionsWords of Wisdom • Know your limits, take classes that interest you and don't relate directly to your major -Sam • This course is a good class to take for young engineers who may be unsure of what their focus is. It is a good way to introduce unfamiliar material to students looking to be engineers. -Reed • As an engineer, you often work in groups. Be considerate of each others ideas and opinions. Be willing to compromise. -Anjelica