egn 1935 ece adventures team b robot b n.
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EGN 1935: ECE Adventures Team B, Robot B PowerPoint Presentation
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EGN 1935: ECE Adventures Team B, Robot B

EGN 1935: ECE Adventures Team B, Robot B

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EGN 1935: ECE Adventures Team B, Robot B

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  1. EGN 1935: ECE AdventuresTeam B, Robot B Alex Meucci, David Stern, Hanif, Stephan Fall 2013

  2. Biography: David Stern • Freshman • Chemical Engineering Major • I learned the coding required to program a robot and its sensors for “accident avoidance” through a maze. I also learned about 555 timers and wiring breadboards. • This course sparked my interest in the computer/electrical engineering field and may affect my major in the future. • I hope to become a successful chemical engineer. I also want to get involved in UF Gator Robotics projects. • I hope to get a Master’s engineering degree and work for a renown company. • Words of wisdom: actively participate in the lab assignments and learn to apply concepts from lecture into a hands-on experience.

  3. Biography: Alex Meucci • Freshman • Industrial and systems engineering • This course has helped me attain a basic understanding of circuits, sensors, and hands on application of basic programming techniques. • This course has sparked my interest in programming and convinced me to take programming classes in the future. • My goal is to get a masters degree in Industrial and Systems engineering and get a job I enjoy once I graduate. • My career plan is to graduate and end up working for a big corporation and eventually become an entrepreneur and start my own business. • Pay attention and make sure you’re on time to class!

  4. Biography Hanif Ahmed • Sophmore • Major: Electrical Engineering , considering Comp. E • Learned the basics of EE and that there are many exciting opportunities to get involved with robotics at UF • This course helped me know what to expect from future EE courses • UF Plans/goals: continue to take classes in EE and get practical experience through internships • Career goals: Work as an EE or software developer • Words of Wisdom: Choose your classes and professors carefully, concentrate on learning the material instead of worrying about grades.

  5. Biography: Stephan Strassle Rojas • Freshman • Major: Mechanical Engineer • I learned what are some of the basic components used to make circuits and how they are used to make rudimentary sensors. • This class showed me that I have an interest in EE and would like to take EE classes in the future • Career Plans/Goals: Work as a Mechanical Engineer • Words of Wisdom: Get involved in the labs

  6. Robot Story • Our teenage robot decided to leave home and we told him to turn left but because he was rebellious he made a right instead. Eventually he got lost and started banging his head against a wall when he got stuck in an alley.

  7. Team Conclusions • Throughout this course we have gained an understanding of circuits and programming logic. We have also learned robotics concepts and about sensors. • Words of wisdom: Be attentive in class lectures and take advantage of the hands-on experience in labs.