Intd 110 01 i robot no my robot
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INTD 110 – 01 I Robot? NO ! My Robot. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INTD 110 – 01 I Robot? NO ! My Robot. Dr. Paige H. Meeker. Contact Information. Name: Dr. Paige H. Meeker Office: Richardson 229 Phone: (864) 833-8413 (office) (803)-749-1647 (home – between 9 and 9 ONLY) Email: [email protected] [email protected] Text:.

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Intd 110 01 i robot no my robot

INTD 110 – 01 I Robot? NO! My Robot.

Dr. Paige H. Meeker

Contact information
Contact Information

Name: Dr. Paige H. Meeker

Office: Richardson 229

Phone: (864) 833-8413 (office)

(803)-749-1647 (home – between 9 and 9 ONLY)

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]


Learning Computing with Robots

Deepak Kumar

NOTE: This text is free for you – it is available online. Just download it from:

Late policy
Late Policy

  • Assignments must be turned in on time. Late work WILL NOT be accepted.

  • BACK UP YOUR WORK. Don’t rely solely on Socrates to keep your assignments safe. You need to be able to turn in a copy of your work on time. I suggest that you keep copies of all important assignments in at least two places.

  • If you think you will be unable to meet a due date on an assignment due to an emergency, contact me in advance to negotiate an extension. If you have not negotiated an extension, then submit what you have by the due date to receive partial credit. You will receive no credit for an assignment submitted after the due date or negotiated new due date as applicable.

    A deadline has a wonderful way of concentrating the mind. – “Professor Moriarty,” Character, “Star Trek, TNG,” episode title: “Ship in a Bottle”

Late policy excuses
Late Policy – Excuses??

Home computers are being called upon to perform many new functions, including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog. – Doug Larson

  • “Socrates lost my work.” Solution: Back up your work often in a place outside of Socrates.

  • “The power went out.” This is an acceptable excuse only if the power is out for more than 2 days. (Note – to this point, that has not EVER happened). This is not acceptable if the power goes out the day before an assignment is due, esp. if it is only out for a few hours.

  • “I overslept.” Solution: Alarm clock

  • “The computer isn’t doing what I tell it to do.” – Computers ONLY do what you tell them to do (they aren’t that smart).

  • “The robot isn’t listening to me!” Solution: Either new batteries or better directions.

Late policy excuses1
Late Policy – Excuses??

  • “I had a game/other obligation.” Solution: Begin your work on time and don’t wait until the last minute.

    Don’t ask for extensions – you will be given more than enough time to complete your work. Instead, begin work as soon as you get the assignment and everyone will be happy.

  • I work hard to make assignments informative and fun. I will also be happy to help you if you are having trouble with them. Take advantage of this throughout the semester, not just in the last week of class.

Attendance policy
Attendance Policy

  • Coming to class is important.

  • More than 5 absences (excused or not) will result in the loss of one letter grade for each additional class day missed. More than 8 absences will result in a failing grade for the class.

Grading policy
Grading Policy

”I wrote the examination, determined the marking scheme (which was quite complicated) and set the Grade levels, so you can take it from me, as the sole examiner, that if you received ‘Acceptable’ or higher you really earned your grade. Of course, this meant that some people had to fail, but what would be the point of putting you through all that work without giving you honestly earned rewards?”

– J. K. Rowling,

concerning the W.O.M.B.A.T

test on her personal website

Grading policy1
Grading Policy

So, what does that mean to you?

I don’t “give” grades – you earn them. Think about this now, not the last week of class. It will save us all time and heartache!

Grading policy2
Grading Policy

Grading will be assigned using the standard +/- scale. Your final grade will be calculated as follows:

  • Written and Lab Assignments 20%

  • Test 1: 25%

  • Test 2: 25%

  • Final Exam 30%

    NOTE: 70% of your grade is effectively determined before the Thanksgiving holidays. There is no extra credit offered. You should have a good idea of your class understanding throughout the semester – if you’re having trouble, don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help. The final exam is a large percentage, but it can’t work miracles (good or bad).

Academic dishonesty
Academic Dishonesty

I take the PC honor code very seriously. If you have any questions about what is considered “bad behavior” ask BEFORE, not AFTER. Ignorance is no excuse.

Where is there dignity unless there is honesty? – Cicero

Every act of dishonesty has at least two victims: the one we think of as the victim, and the perpetrator as well. Each little dishonesty makes another little rotten spot somewhere in the perpetrator’s psyche. – Lesley Conger.

Academic dishonesty1
Academic Dishonesty

All assignments will be pledged:

"On my honor, I will abstain from all deceit. I will neither give nor receiveunacknowledged aid in my academic work, nor will I permit such action by any member of this community. I will respect the persons and property of the community, and will not condone discourteous or dishonest treatment of these by my peers. In my every act, I will seek to maintain a high standard of honesty and truthfulness for myself and for the College."

Academic honesty specifics
Academic Honesty Specifics

  • If you use external resources – cite clearly!

  • Don’t do anything that would even be considered dishonest. Ask if you think there is a question.

  • Remember PC’s standard penalty –

    • An F in the course

    • A WF in all other courses taken that semester

    • A semester suspension.

  • Think – is it worth it? (Answer: NO!)


  • Reasons to participate

    • Class means more to you and me

    • More entertaining, interactive lectures

  • How to participate?

    • Ask questions

    • Make comments

    • Email me with questions or interests you may have

    • NOTE: No question/comment is considered “dumb”

      “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever” – Mark Twain

Dates to remember
Dates to Remember…

  • Written and Lab Assignments will be given periodically.

  • Test 1 will be Wednesday, Sept. 17th

  • Test 2 will be Monday, November 3rd

  • The final exam will be Wednesday, December 10th, 7:00pm.

    Check for conflicts now. If you miss assignments, tests, or the final, you will receive a 0. You are not allowed to make up either test after it has been given. If you must miss the class for an excused reason, you must make up the assignment BEFORE the rest of the class.

For each task in life remember
For each task in life, remember…

“What work I have done, I have done because it has been play. It if had been work I shouldn’t have done it.”

– Mark Twain

Questions you may have
Questions you may have?

  • Is there a text book? Yes – and the best news? It’s free! Your text is an online download from the IPRE website. You can view it online or download it to your computer from:

  • What is IPRE? The Institute for Personal Robots in Education. You will find a lot of useful information on their website:

  • Where’s the robot? The robots are on their way. They should arrive by the end of the first week of class.

  • Do I have to buy one? That’s up to you! The robot kit is $150.00. If you choose to purchase it, you may take it with you and work with it in your room. The more you work with it, the easier it gets. However, if you don’t want to purchase it, you can use one in the lab. The drawback? You have less access to the robots.

  • If I buy it, can I sell it back? If the robot kit is in the same condition as when purchased – yes! For $120.00.

  • What DO I have to buy?

    • Batteries! 6 AA batteries. I suggest that you purchase two sets of rechargeable batteries. It’s a little more upfront, but it will save you over the long run. The batteries tend to last about 6 hours.

    • Pens. This is a “scribbler” robot – we will soon have it scribbling all over.

  • What’s expected of me?

    • I expect you to attend class every day.

    • I expect you to pay attention and participate.

    • I expect you to come prepared, having read the online material so that you are ready to work with your robot when you come in.

    • If you are an athlete and will miss class for a game – let me know ASAP!

    • I expect you to come to me with questions.

    • I expect you to come to me with questions BEFORE the last week of class.

  • Others?

Now let s have fun what will you learn this semester
Now – Let’s Have FUN!!What will you learn this semester?

  • Robots – What are they? Where are they? How can they help us?

  • How can you get the robot to do what you want?

    • (Basic computer programming skills)

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Social implications of computing and robots

  • A little bit of history, psychology, and philosophy!

What s next
What’s next?

  • Go to the book’s website

  • Download chapter 1

  • Read it before Monday’s class

  • Have a great first weekend at PC!