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Robot Architecture

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Robot Architecture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Robot Architecture “Lyly Autonomous Robot and My Previous Attempts at Robot Construction” June 28, 2007 Scott Settembre University at Buffalo, SNePS Research Group My First Robot - 1986 Computer controlled Turtle robot

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Robot Architecture

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robot architecture

Robot Architecture

“Lyly Autonomous Robot and My Previous

Attempts at Robot Construction”

June 28, 2007

Scott Settembre

University at Buffalo, SNePS Research Group

my first robot 1986
My First Robot - 1986
  • Computer controlled Turtle robot
  • Constructed out of wood, hobby parts, and solid state components
  • Wired by cartridge port to Radio Shack Color Computer
  • During first presentation, MOSFETS got fried
  • Learned: Hardware is expensive
my first collaboration robot 1990
My First Collaboration Robot - 1990
  • Micro Mouse - maze competition
  • Utilized 6809E processor
  • Hardware custom designed by other students
  • I designed a virtual environment to simulate and test hardware drivers and maze search and solve code because of continual hardware issues
  • Learned: Hardware design and test is a major time sink
my first robot hack 1995
My First Robot Hack - 1995
  • Decided to hack RC cars
  • Cheaper and most of the hardware design is already been done
  • Control by computer through serial port to remote controller
  • No feedback between RC car and computer
  • Learned: RC vehicles move faster than remote computer can turn them away from a door frame…
my first autonomous robot july 4 1997
My First Autonomous Robot – July 4, 1997
  • Ordered a Basic STAMP kit robot and decided to assemble it during the Mars Pathfinder landing in honor of the Sojourner Rover
  • Watched live NASA feeds in FOX News cold room while assembling
  • Luckily it took NASA over a day to get it off the landing pad, since it took that long to build a simple kit
  • Programmed using Stamp Basic and program is downloaded to robot through parallel port
  • Learned: Small robots are easy to program, slow to test, not very powerful at all
my first robot architecture realizations
My First Robot Architecture Realizations…
  • LARGE commitment of time to
    • Build… there is always another screw to get, resistor to buy, wire to run
    • Test… check schematics, remove and reinstall boards and reconnect wires, and always guessing is involved
    • Debug… programs need to download to robot, then get robot to state you want to test, then test. Debug cycle way too long…
my first virtual autonomous robot
My First “Virtual” Autonomous Robot
  • Decided the best way to design robots was to simulate them in a virtual environment
  • I used DirectX to model a world to get the sensor data I needed to feed a robot
  • I selected a few visual features and applied an ANN to train object avoidance behavior
  • Worked!
  • Internal monologue: “Yay! Now I have a good way to program a robot!” And so…
lyly rov and autonomous robot
“LyLy” - ROV and Autonomous Robot
  • Designed a robot in a CAD
  • Built it out of wood, RoboteQ motor controller, wheelchair motors, golf cart batteries, and laptop.
  • Two modes:
    • ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) mode
      • Uses WiFi, transmits visual and audio to the control computer
      • Control computer can transmit back to robot
      • With laptop on top, and open, we have a remote person!
    • Autonomous mode
      • Does not require WiFi, though with WiFi it has access to the LyLy server which can do more extensive decision making and data storage
lyly autonomous mode
“LyLy” - Autonomous Mode
  • Internal laptop collects visual and audio data
    • Processes images, makes instinctive turn and stop decisions
    • Processes audio, for voice recognition
    • Implements reflex/instincts, all hard-coded
    • Has backup “personality” and logic as a failsafe
    • Forwards processed information to external “brain”
  • External processing
    • Relieves processing needing to be done on robot laptop
    • Quicker and more stable connection
    • Cheaper cost, faster execution