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Fighting our own technology. i Robot. By Ryan Voland. The Three Laws. LAW I: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being come to harm. LAW II: A robot must obey orders giving to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

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the three laws
The Three Laws
  • LAW I: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being come to harm.
  • LAW II: A robot must obey orders giving to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  • LAW III: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

These were the three laws you hear about in i,Robot (film). The way we are advancing today, robots built and produced for every home is not just science fiction. In the future we could see robots in our everyday lives; doing everyday functions along side us.

what if
What if?

What if these robots of the future really were programmed with a system such as the three laws, and the robots suddenly begun to “feel” emotions. This is the idea in i,Robotwhen all of the NS-5 robot’s three laws got confused.

v i k i

V.I.K.I (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) was the main controlling “brain” of these NS-5 robots. All NS-5 robots were set to uplink to V.I.K.I to wirelessly receive any type of updates. When V.I.K.I develops its own interpretation of the three laws the robots revolt on humankind.

v i k i1

V.I.K.I’s new interpretation of the three laws had robots basically running a benevolent dictatorship. The robots began preventing humans from self-destructive behavior such as crime or environmental damage. They were reprogrammed to ensure humanity’s survival, which ultimately meant to kill all of humanity.

robot vs robot
Robot vs. Robot

The three laws were actually a great bases for every robot. If not for V.I.K.I, the NS-5 robots would of obliged correctly to the three laws. NS-4 robots were designed with out the wireless uplink to V.I.K.I and they ran perfectly fine without any confliction. The NS-4 robots actually help the humans during the NS-5 revolt… exactly what the laws tell them to do.,_Will/sq-with-sonny-robot-dd.jpg

our future
Our future…

Was this new interpretation something that the highly intelligent computer just thought up all on its own or did we, the humans, make the mistake? It can be interpreted both ways. Either way, we need to be extremely careful in the future while creating controlling intelligence systems such as V.I.K.I and robots. Robots would be a nice convenience in the future but something like that would come with risks!

other risks
Other Risks?!

Robots and super intelligent computers carry even more risks than what was displayed in the movie i,Robot. Many people are worried that in the future terrorist and terrorist groups will begin using terrorist robots.

Contrary to this, the military could produce Robot armies in the future so we keep less human lives out of the front line fighting. Once again, we would have to be very careful on how we develop these “fighting” robots so we don’t have our own war at hand.

robots already in use today
Robots already in use today…

Robots are already in use in many fields today. These fields include:

  • Industry
  • Robots are designed to perform the same task over and over again. Popular in the automobile industry.
  • Entertainment
  • Robots used for entertainment purposes such as playing recorded music, making slight motions and interacting with children. An example of such robot would be Furby.
  • Space
  • NASA designs robots for maintenance and other environments too dangerous for humans. They also design robots to collect samples and take space pictures for research.
  • Medical
  • Robots are being used in some surgical procedures and robotic limbs (another concept of robotics in i,Robot ) help amputees.
  • Marine fields
  • Robots are used in many different ways from sample collecting to maintenance in underwater conditions that may be too dangerous for humans.
in conclusion
In Conclusion

Robots can and will be useful in the future, but we need to be careful of what we produce. Faulty or careless design could lead to us fighting our own technology. Even more severe it could mean the end of mankind.


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