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Individual Transition Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Individual Transition Plan

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Individual Transition Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Individual Transition Plan. Please print your ITP prior to beginning the module in order to follow along when necessary. The three main goals of the ITP are:

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Individual Transition Plan

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    1. Individual Transition Plan Please print your ITP prior to beginning the module in order to follow along when necessary.

    2. The three main goals of the ITP are: • To provide a framework to achieve realistic career goals based upon an assessment of your personal and family needs as well as your unique skills, knowledge, experience, interests and abilities • Offer a means to discover and explore your skills and interests which may lead to potential post-transition career paths. • To help you to establish a timeline for completing all required activities prior to separation and helps you identify critical activities associated with your transition. Individual Transition Plan ITP

    3. Individual Transition Plan Overview The core ITP consist of 9 pages. During the week of the GPS you will be constantly referring to your ITP to jot down pertinent information and notes. Please ensure you fill in your ITP as you go along through out the week.

    4. Individual Transition Plan

    5. Career Readiness Standards

    6. Personal Assessment

    7. Evaluate Military and Civilian Experience and Training

    8. Post-transition Career Path Options • Employment Pathway • Education Pathway • Career Technical Pathway • Entrepreneur Pathway

    9. Certifies that______________________Namehas successfully completed the ITP Webinar________________Date