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INDIVIDUAL WORK PLAN. “Increasing the Capacity of International & Program Officer Department on Global Workers Issues” ( February 2004 – February 2006 ) By Maria Evita –KSBSI, Indonesia. Problem Identification.

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individual work plan


“Increasing the Capacity of International & Program Officer Department on Global Workers Issues”

( February 2004 – February 2006 )

By Maria Evita –KSBSI, Indonesia

problem identification
Problem Identification
  • During 3 years (2001-2003) , SBSI has lost ± 30% members (total members dues has decreased) and more than 167 labor cases still hanging on court / The Committee Labor Dispute Settlement.
  • Lack of the human capacity for bargaining power to win the new CBA draft (during the bargaining time with employer), and to able to handling the workers issues/case on the local level.
  • Lost opportunity from government to involve the trade union participation as a social partner in the making process of national policies (exp. IPRSP, WB/IMF, Bilateral agreement, etc).
  • Lack of information/publication & documentation resource/materials to support their skill & knowledge about current situation (globalisation, labor market policies, economic policies, AFTA, etc) .
  • Poor linkage and networking, for some national federation & the local level unions with the international trade unions/institution to having solidarity action.
target group
Target Group
  • 70 national officials (confederation & federation - especially their President & General secretary)
  • Region officials ( 27 region coordinator, branch & plant level)
  • 50 Trainers
  • Members

Development Objectives :

  • Strengthening officials knowledge, understanding & awareness of global issues especially on workers issues
  • Capacity building of official leaders for collective bargaining & negotiation (bipartite & tripartite level)
  • Strengthening networking & solidarity movement on federation unions & region level with national & international institution/trade unions.

Immediate Objectives (at the end of this project):

  • Establish/create a “Media Center” for information sources for SBSI board & members, to be supported all activities .
  • Having reference training material to be used for training activities ( trainers & participant).
  • Increasing total members (also member dues) & CBA
  • Increasing total officials participation as social partners with government on the making process of National Policies.
  • Increasing the information/data sources for our trainers, so they can share/give more information also to training participants.
indicators of achievement
Indicators of Achievement
  • Propose to Executive Board to prepare the person in charge who will handle this media center ( 1-2 persons) & some training/course for them to prepare themselves how to handle their job/tasks.
  • Number of books reference, documentations and equipment already prepared by project officer.
  • List of contact person (name, phone, email address, etc) of government, National/International Institution or TUs.
  • Number of research, campaign & training activities to successful increasing total members & CBA.
  • Improving & increasing relationship with government, other institutions, NGOs
output project
Output Project
  • Established Media Center which as place for officials leaders & members to get more information.
  • More than 50% of total SBSI leaders will increase their capacity & knowledge to help themselves to answer/handle members problem/case.
  • 70% of all SBSI leaders (national & region) will be take TUs participation/contribution for National/region issues/policies as social partner of government.
  • Meeting with other colleague from my department (also from some department, exp. Training dept) to discuss how to realise the work plan & establish pre-committee to prepare : agenda/time table, job responsible, material/equipment, etc.
  • Meeting with Executive Board to present & to propose work plan.
  • Socialize to national federation according to project.
  • Open communications/link with national/International TUs, NGOs, etc
  • Collect books reference (from some institution: ILO,UNDP, EU, Department of Manpower, etc).
  • publishing/printing monthly news letter, handbook, leaflet, poster, brochures