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Transition Plan

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Transition Plan
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Transition Plan

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  1. Transition Plan Uniting the Network to build on success

  2. Our journey so far… National Institute for Health Research created to implement Government Health Strategy “Best Research for Best Health” Primary Care and Comprehensive Research Networks created Time for the NationalInstitute for Health Research Clinical Research Network to evolve Dr Jonathan Sheffield joins NIHR CRN as Chief Executive Officer High Level Objectives and Performance Management Framework introduced Creation of Mental Health Research Network 2001 2003 2005 2006/7 2009 2010 2012 2012 - 15 Health and Social Care Act comes into effect bringing new NHS structures Launch of National Cancer Research Network NIHR CRN is formed to deliver clinical research in England UKCRN establishedalong with four additional Research Networks, making up the 6 therapy areas recognised today

  3. What is changing?

  4. An integrated area-based model NIHR CRN Coordinating Centre Local NIHR CRNs 15Local Clinical Research Networks in operation from April 2014 • Mapped to Academic Health Science Network boundaries • One host organisation per area • Hosts will work to an operating framework setting out functions and responsibilities • 5 year contracts, with one year operational plans

  5. Local NIHR CRN Clinical Themes Clinical Theme 1 Clinical Theme 2 Clinical Theme 3 Clinical Theme 4 Key functions Local NIHR CRNs will cover all national key therapy areas Local clinical theme leadership teams will consist of theme manager, clinical lead, management team and support staff There will be a need to adopt a flexible approach to staffing to enable research delivery against local priorities Specialist clinical research staff will still be required where research volume is sufficient

  6. Key messages We ARE: • Changing to 15 geography-based Networks from April 2014 • Putting in place a single host, responsible for administering the funding across each geographic area • Implementing a national coordinating centre function • Involving network leadership (clinical directors and assistant directors) in planning implementation • Continuing business as usual while we work towards change We are NOT • Getting rid of the local network coordination and running everything from Leeds • Losing specialist focus in the integrated structure • Being merged with the Academic Health Science Networks • Downsizing to save money

  7. What it means to you • We will continue to focus on our patients, delivering health research • We acknowledge change brings uncertainty as well as opportunity, we will keep you informed at all times • You are key to successful change and there will be opportunities to get involved and have your say as we evolve • Any comments or feedback should be directed to your local leadership team in the first instance