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  1. Title Slide

  2. Who Are We? • 103,000 Secondary students in Career & Technical Programs in: • 166 school districts (178) • 1,226 secondary programs • 8 Technical Centers • 4 Technical Colleges

  3. Who Are We? • In Post-Secondary Education: • Colorado Career and Technical Education is a major component of the state's largest system of higher education serving more than 117,000 students (30,000 CTE Students) annually in: • 13 Colorado Community Colleges and 600 postsecondary programs

  4. EssentialQuestion • Why Clusters, Pathways & Plans of Study?

  5. Colorado’s Education Pipeline

  6. Percent of Students Who Take Remedial Courses • 63% at two-year institutions • 40% at four-year institutions The Bridge Project Stanford University

  7. How Hiring Practices Will Change • 28% will reduce hiring those with only a high school diploma • 49.5% will increase two-year college graduates • Almost 60% will increase their hires of four-year college graduates • 42% will increase their hires of post-graduates within next five years The Conference Board

  8. Economic Implications Difference in annual salary between a DPS high school graduate with no further education and a DPS graduate who completes college: $66,324 Combined difference in annual salary of all DPS dropouts compared to their classmates who graduated from college: $135,964,200

  9. Governor Ritter’s “Colorado Promise” Identifies two clear goals: • Cut by half the number of high school students who fail to graduate. • Double the number of Certificates Degrees awarded over the next 10-15 years.

  10. Purposes of the Perkins Act • Challenging Academic and Technical Standards within a Plan of Study • Preparation for high skill, high wage or high demand occupations • Integration of academic and technical instruction • Increasing flexibility to improve CTE • Partnership of post secondary & secondary

  11. Purpose of Perkins Act • Providing Individuals with Lifetime Educational Opportunities to Develop the Knowledge and Skills Needed to Keep the UNITED STATES competitive……

  12. Positive Effect of CTE? • Do we Make a Difference? • How? We Can Expand that Difference!

  13. Vocational Education vs. Career & Technical Education

  14. A bit of history … • U.S. Department of Education • National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education • National Advisory Committees • Cluster Leaders

  15. Career Clusters “An organizing tool defining CTE using broad clusters of occupations and pathways with validated standards that ensure opportunities for all students regardless of their career goals and interests.“

  16. 17 Career Clusters

  17. So where do Career Clusters fit in? What are they? • Career Clusters are groupings of occupations and industries • These groupings are used as an organizing tool for: • Curriculum Design • Instructional + Guidance Model • Seamless Transition

  18. What about Career Pathways? • A Career Pathwayrepresents a grouping of occupations within a cluster that share a base level of common knowledge and skill.

  19. Colorado Career Cluster Model

  20. Hospitality, Human Services & Education Industry Sector Hospitality & Tourism Education & Training Human Services Career Clusters Professional Support Services Administration & Admin Support Services Teaching & Training Pathways Teacher Professional Early Childhood Professional Plans of Study

  21. Foundation Knowledge & Skills

  22. Cluster Approach to Addressing Educational Redesign Strategy to organize instruction and student experiences around career themes (Focus on an industry cluster of related occupations) Incorporates existing school reform strategies (career academies, career pathways, small learning communities, Tech Prep) Connects to business and higher education

  23. What about Local Implementation? • One (1) Approved Plan of Study by June 30, 2008 for each institution receiving Perkins • Work with your Guidance Counselor and Administration • Use it as a time to “Re-Think” your program

  24. Key Points of Colorado Implementation • WHAT? Every student will follow a pathway that leads to career success. • HOW? Through seamless programs of study fostering academic and technical achievement. • WHY? To develop a globally competitive workforce for Colorado.

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  26. What is a Plan of Study? • It is a visual communication tool that demonstrates the link of high school academic and CTE courses to college programs and careers. • It is also a partnership with business and industry!

  27. A Plan Of Study Must: • Incorporate & align secondary and postsecondary education elements • Include the opportunity for obtaining postsecondary credit (PSEO, ACP, etc) • Lead to an industry-recognized certificate, credential at the postsecondary level or an associates or higher degree.

  28. Why Use A Plan Of Study • Provides a road map for the student/parent • Increases student retention • Connects Career Path Courses with Core Academic Courses

  29. Why Use A Plan Of Study • Allows flexibility for students to explore and update their plans of study • Increases awareness of CTE opportunities • It is the first and most important step in guiding and preparing today’s students for high wage, high skill and high demand careers!

  30. 21st Century Skills How many jobs will a young person between the ages of 18 – 40 have in their lifetime?

  31. 21st Century Skills • 20th Century 21st Century 1 – 2 Jobs 10 – 15 Jobs # of Jobs Mastery of One Field Flexibility And Adaptability Job Skill Subject Matter Mastery Integration of 21st Century Skills into Subject Matter Mastery Learning Model

  32. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REALITY • 21st century workplace and technical skills have become more important than land and buildings • Trained human capital must be developed through a complex educational system • Lack of a skilled workforce will cause existing businesses to leave and new businesses to stay away

  33. COMMUNITIES WILL HAVE TO GROW THEIR OWN TALENT Millennial generation (today’s new employees under age 26) are less likely to relocate: • Want to stay close to family • High cost of housing leading to multi generational housing

  34. How To Create A Plan Of Study • Select the appropriate Career Cluster and Pathway • Create a name for your plan of study • Define Career Opportunities • Identify Core Academic and Career Path Courses • Include Postsecondary Credit Options • Describe Extended Learning Options

  35. The Colorado Promise • Create an educated skilled workforce for Colorado that is globally competitive.

  36. Establish Extended Learning • Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) • Work Based Learning (WBL) Experiences • Job Shadowing • Career Preparation • Internships

  37. Then What? • Involve students, parents, counselors, community • HOW?

  38. Implementation Goals Span All Grades • Elementary Career Awareness • Middle Career Exploration • High Career Concentration • PS Career Preparation • Lifelong Career Advancement

  39. SECTORSECTOR Management & Administration Health & Public Safety CAREER CLUSTERCAREER CLUSTER Finance Health CAREER PATHWAYCAREER PATHWAY Accounting Diagnostic PLAN OF STUDYPLAN OF STUDY Accountant Radiology Technology

  40. Impact on Credentialing • Credentials now issued by Pathway (not Program Area) • Many Instructors will be credentialed in multiple pathways • To find your appropriate Pathways…go to

  41. Finding My Pathway

  42. “I want more of our students to consider college and post-high school training as viable options after graduation – and I want them to be fully prepared for those opportunities.” -- Colorado Governor Bill Ritter

  43. Title Slide

  44. Clusters, Pathways & Plans of Study

  45. Career Clusters Career Pathways Plans of Study CTE 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 End Game

  46. Career Clusters for 1K Question: Number of Career Clusters in Colorado Check Your Answer

  47. Terms for 1K Answer: What is 17? Back to the Game Board