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  1. Proposed Model of OMA-3GPP2 Cooperation Title Slide Prepared for OMA-3GPP2 Workshop December 13, 2003 Soumitra Das

  2. Contents • Scope of Cooperation • Benefits – Why this relationship? • 3GPP2 Work Item Classification • Cooperation Models • Proposed Coordination Process for Shared Work Items • Work Transfer Mechanism - 3GPP2 and OMA • Proposed Mechanism to Track 3GPP2 Dependencies in OMA • Summary

  3. Scope of Cooperation • The creation of OMA has not changed the official scope of 3GPP2 • Therefore, 3GPP2 will continue to accept any Work Item (WI) within the scope of 3GPP2, should the majority of 3GPP2 members decide to support the Work • Similarly, OMA procedures permit it to start work within its scope should the membership decide to do so • Explicit cooperation agreement would not change this and therefore would seem to have little value • Cooperation between the entities should be based on the normal liaison approach

  4. Benefits – Why this relationship? • Scopes of OMA and 3GPP2 are complementary • Duplication of effort is removed • OMA develops application-layer specs with input from 3GPP2 – no duplication of effort in 3GPP2 • members to do any one piece of work once in one organisation. • Global Interoperability is ensured • Economies of scale that arise from common device and server application-layer software • Vendors can offer a common set of software to all their customers, need not have differing versions for 3GPP and 3GPP2 networks • 3GPP2 and OMA can leverage the expertise of the combined skill pool. Together, 3GPP2 and OMA can bring new and improved services in the market

  5. 3GPP2 Work Item Classification

  6. Cooperation Model for Shared Work Item (Type-2) OMA OMA Spec Network Independent Network Dependent 3GPP2 Spec Stage-1 Stage-2 Stage-3 3GPP/2 • 3GPP2 Review/Input to OMA spec • through liaison • 3GPP2 stage-1 refers to OMA spec • for application level requirements • portion of stage-1.

  7. Cooperation Model for Type-3 Work Item OMA OMA Spec Network Independent Network Dependent NO 3GPP2 Spec • OMA develops and manages specs • 3GPP2 refers to OMA specs • 3GPP2 may transfer work items to • OMA for development 3GPP/2

  8. Proposed Coordination Process for Shared Work Items • The following lists a possible approach for the coordination of shared work items: • OMA specifies bearer agnostic applications and 3PP/2s specify Cellular networks. • OMA liaise their application and underlying enabler requirements to appropriate 3PP/2 WGs for review and comments. • 3PP/2 identifies network dependent requirements (if any). • Can OMA requirements be met with existing enabler or new work item needed? • New WI • PPs liaise Dependencies and time scales to appropriate OMA groups. • OMA incorporates PP Dependencies in its workplan • 3PP/2 freezes WI on completion • It is not realistic to expect that the PPs and OMA are locked on a common release scheme • Cycles are independent • Linkages to Multiple Organizations Impossible to Manage

  9. Work Transfer Mechanism - 3GPP2 and OMA • 3GPP/2 may request OMA to develop application level requirements of a Type-2 work item OR specification for Type-3 work item • Alternatively, OMA may request 3GPP/2 to specify cellular requirements • With Agreement by Source and Receiving organizations - transfer is arranged • A possible sequence of events for transfer of work from one organisation to another: • Source organization liaises its intent to transfer work at a proposed timeline • Receiving organization initiates New WI (or modifies scope of existing WI to accommodate the transferred work) • Delegates slow/stop work on this item in the source organization • Receiving organization liaise to accept work • Source organization agrees to stop their existing WI • Receiving organization approves new (or modified) work item

  10. Proposed Mechanism to Track 3GPP2 Dependencies in OMA • Option 1: 3GPP2 TSG-S PMT (WG-3) is responsible of workplans. • The corresponding OMA Release Planning Committee and 3GPP2 PMT share each other’s workplans through liaison. 3GPP2 PMT will incorporate/update 3GPP2 workplans. • Option 2: 3GPP2 PMT will incorporate OMA dependencies in the workplan and 3GPP2 identifies a contact person to monitor the dependencies and report on the progress.