the flagship project sustainable rural development n.
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The Flagship Project ” Sustainable Rural Development ” PowerPoint Presentation
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The Flagship Project ” Sustainable Rural Development ”

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The Flagship Project ” Sustainable Rural Development ” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Flagship Project ” Sustainable Rural Development ”. Youth Entrepreneurship Conference October 22 nd and 23 rd , 2013 Some conclusions. Discussions in the Latvian conference.

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The Flagship Project ” Sustainable Rural Development ”

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the flagship project sustainable rural development

The Flagship Project”Sustainable Rural Development”

Youth Entrepreneurship Conference

October 22nd and 23rd, 2013


discussions in the latvian conference
Discussions in the Latvianconference
  • What are the five most important things that would make you attracted to settle in a rural area and build your future there?
  • What is your driving force to try to find solutions to a challenge instead of seeing problems? What triggers your entrepreneurial ability? Why are you realizing certain ideas and dreams?
  • What are the support systems for young rural entrepreneurs that you know about in your country?
personal and subjective reflections
Personal and subjectivereflections
  • There is not oneunique or ”right” wayofentrepreneurship. Thereareseveral
  • Wehavemetwithvery different entrepreneurs
  • Usingresourcesavailable, combiningthemto get some kind of new outcome
  • Different ways in to business
  • Strong but different drivingforces
driving forces
Driving forces
  • ”Making the world a little bit better”
  • Using the fishingculture and products and addingvaluetodevlopemoretypesofincome
  • Using the horses you ”happenedtobuy” tocreate a business
  • Wantingto be a millioneerbefore 30
  • Making a good business from the love offarming
  • Disabilitytoresist the challengeof a problem or unusedresource
ways to business
Ways to business
  • Training from parents, an entrepreneurialor artistical familyenvironment
  • Training by organisingparties, sales, events..
  • Dedication in educationwith focus on a goal from the start
  • Wantingto live in a rural area and beingforcedtoinvent an occupation
  • Findingyourselfas ownerofsome horses
high targets and moderate goals
Hightargets and moderate goals
  • Somehavereallyhigh, in my perpective(or for me) unreachablegoals.
  • Somearedevelopingduring the way and mayberaising the targets
  • Somearepleasedjust whenpeopleare happy (more or less)
support measures
Support measures
  • Thereare lots of support systems and fundingavailable in all the countries
  • Search for the information!
  • ”Knock on every door”!
some quotations
  • Being full of good and innovative ideas and at the same time being critical to all of them, is easier if you are in a team.
  • Good ideas are only 10% butthe ability to implement the ideas is 90% of the success
  • The family and the resourceswehavearesomeof the mostimportant assets wehave.
  • Train an ”elevator presentation” ofyour business idea
  • “Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it”
more quotations
  • There are no miracles. It is about hard work and focus
  • Do not do it for the money but for the joy of the children, of your family or other people
  • Be not afraid of failures and mistakes
  • Be honest to your customers and keep what you have promised