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Epic Hero Tale

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Epic Hero Tale
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Epic Hero Tale

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  1. Epic Hero Tale Title of Epic hero tale: Neo’s Desperate Journey to The International Space Station By: Tony Ryou, Gavin Kim, Michael Ahn, Taehun Kim Class: Sixth Grade English A Block Due Date: October 20th, 2008

  2. First TabletAverage life • Neo lives an average life just like any person. He has an average job, lives in a house, etc. • He returns from home and takes out a fresh orange juice. • He turns on the TV while comfortably laying on his couch.

  3. Second TabletMessage from aliens • While trying to fall asleep while watching TV, he noticed a huge figure out his window. Thinking that it was a UFO, he opened the window, holding his cell phone. • When he opened the window, a strange figure came in. • It was a UFO!! He has seen an actual alien! • Then, they told Neo to meet at the International Space Station by October 30th, 2008 (Time: 23:42). Or else, Earth would be destroyed.. (It was October 18th, 2008) • He took a picture of the aliens for proof when convincing the jury.

  4. Third TabletConvincing the jury • Neo now has to convince the jury to go to the International Space Station. • He thought that his photos would be enough, but since there was no witness to see it, the jury was not convinced. • The results that the jury has made, was that Neo cannot go to the International Space Station.

  5. Fourth TabletJourney Unaccepted • After waiting for days for result, he gets a reply on the phone with a no… • He had tried his best to convince the jury with his evidence. It was a waste of time with a conclusion of failure.

  6. Fifth TabletLosing his best friend • After being in sorrow for three days, it was October 24th, 2008. • On this day, his best friend, John, was invited to a party. There, John died… • Once Neo rushed to John, he couldn’t believe what had happened…

  7. Sixth TabletSorrow and pain • As there was a funeral happening in John’s house, he suddenly thought of the aliens! The murder was committed by the aliens! • After that, he was in sorrow… The murder happened because of himself. Since, he didn’t get approved by the court, the aliens got mad. • There, next to John, he stared at him for 63 hours with no food, no water, no rest… • He couldn’t believe that because of him, his best friend died…

  8. Seventh TabletAliens sighted in the US • After the death of his friend, strangely, weird stuff began to happen. Even though it was fall, the temperatures were at a high of 31 degrees Celsius. • Later in the afternoon, there was an attack by the aliens… • On October 29th 2008, for the first time, there was a sight of aliens witnessed by over 350 people • Because of this, he didn’t give up on convincing the jury. This time, he went up to court with his 350 people.

  9. Eight TabletAccepted to travel to the International Space Center • On October 29th, 2008 (Time: 15:12), Neo got accepted to enter space after all of the strange happenings which had happened so far… • However, he was not surprised that the government made this choice over. • He packed his bag with light material. He did not take any weapons with him. Also, he did not take any food.

  10. Ninth TabletTake off • Neo got ready to take off. However, because he had no preparation or experience, he struggled. • However, he followed what the instructors said. • He struggled to stay still, but eventually survived the whole way.

  11. Tenth TabletArrival at Space Center • He arrived at the International Space Station. • When he arrived, he thought he would be so excited. However, it turned out to be the opposite. The International Space Station was not very interesting. • Because his mind was set on saving the Earth, he was not excited. He was always thinking seriously. • (Arrival time at the International Space Station was October 30th, 2008. Time: 19:58

  12. Eleventh TabletMeet aliens at the dock • After waiting for a few hours, the time for the arrival of aliens has came. • Neo waited next to the dock. He waited and waited. • As he sees an unidentified flying object (UFO), he told the security. • He finally met the aliens he had met before. The aliens arrived with a slow movement. However, they arrived at 23:42 sharp.

  13. Twelfth TabletEpilogue • He met the aliens. They were talking about global warming and how much of an effect it will bring to planet Earth.’ • Also, the aliens told him, “Thank you for your continuing persuasion to the jury.” By this, he learned that even though something blocks his way, he should always keep trying. • Then, he returned back to Earth as a hero of the world.

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