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  1. Bullying: • CV adults should know that not all CV students learn at the same pace--meaning they shouldn't be so quick to judge if a student asks a "dumb" question. They should also know that if the majority of their students get bad grades, it's not on the students it is on the teachers. • CV adults should know that CV kids are racists, personally I've been through the abuse of being one of the few black kids that go to CV and its terrible what other students do or say. And it's honestly not just the students it's the teachers too. So basically to answer a question with a question--How can I feel safe going to a school where almost everyone is racist? • CV adults should know lunch should be longer. Most students can be racist and mean. The assemblies do not work. • Most are involved in things you wouldn't think they are involved in, and they get away with it. There's also a lot of bullying going on even when we try to prevent it.

  2. Workload: • They should know more about the kids and their personalities, therefore better teaching them. Another thing is that they are not out only teacher, maybe lighten up on homework • CV faculty members need to know that every student learns differently. Some kids like to write down notes and some don't. Just because a student doesn't do their homework, it doesn't mean that they are bad kids. Almost every student has a busy life outside of school, so school work might not be their first priority.  • Its hard for me to get good test grades and my teachers know that. Guess how many of my teachers have helped me lean in a way they i understand. The CV staff is teaching all kids one traditional way to study but not a lot of the kids can study that way. They aren't taking individual to teach us to study in a way we understand. no one takes action to help everyone else. They should know that not everyone thinks the same. "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life believing its stupid." • CV adults should know that the educational system as it is has flaws which I am unable to elaborate on due to time constraints. Basically: we should lean more hands on and with critical thinking than the blatant memorization we do today in class.   • CV Adults should know about new things that we are interested in. They should also help with our stress level by giving a reasonable amount of work, while considering other classes too.

  3. Drugs & Alcohol: • CV adults should know that most CV kids are not what they present themselves to be. We all act on way around certain people and another way around other people. CV kids bully and put people down, not everyone but certain individuals. In addition CV adults should know that I would say majority of the school uses some kind of drugs or drinks alcohol on a family or party basis. You aren’t pressured to get into that stuff but is definitely at the reach of many individuals if they want it. • CV adults should know that many CV kids abuse substances that are illegal. Many kids do drugs and use alcohol on a weekly or even daily basis. Not all the “innocent” and “smart” kids are clean of illegal activities. I personally know many kids with 3.7, 2.8 GPAs that smoke and drink every weekend. The staff should understand that these problems are not theirs so not to worry. • Personally, I feel like CV adults/parents/teachers don’t know how much drugs get passed around during and after and before school. I see kids hitting vapes every day in the hallways and at lunch, it’s pretty crazy actually. I also feel like the adults need to know that were human and we make mistakes just like everyone else and the adults just need to be more patient with us.

  4. Respect: • I think CV adults should remember what it’s like to be a kid. Kids and adults often get stuck in a boring constant routine that discourages learning and enthusiasm. It takes the smallest amount of laughter to create a domino effect and that goes along way. • CV adults should know that kids, well most of them, would act like adults if they were treated like adults. • If you don’t babysit us, maybe we’ll surprise you and do things right. • Most students do better and act better if they are treated as equals and fairly. • CV adults should know about the positive things regarding their students. They should be aware of kid’s dreams and their ambitions. They should motivate us through our hard times.

  5. Individualism: • Some students are good in many other things that could be outside of school but they end up labeled as dumb or not smart. • We appreciate small complements and comments to us throughout the day • Many students may seem as if they live joyous lives and have no worries, but many worry about their futures and how they want motivation to do well in school. Some seem to have depression or attention disorders, but aren’t sure of how to deal with them. When they tell some of their friends, the friends don’t know how to respond and so they brush it off. Students need more guidance. Teachers and staff should show that they care and want to help. The CV adult’s initiative should not only show that they care, but say it more. School should feel like a second home, a welcoming place students want to go and learn. A more welcoming and caring environment in the school would be very much appreciated. Counselors should also be more approachable. We’re immature and don’t understand the negative works the world may hand to us students, yet we say we want to be treated like adults, when in reality we can’t control it. But, a little more trust and respect would be nice. Also, when students do not turn in work on time or there is a drastic change in grades, teachers should ask the students constantly of what is going on or how they can help the student rather than getting mad and giving no credit on assignments because even the gift of getting an extension on an assignment can motivate a student to get the assignment turned in. •  I think it’s important for adults to know every kid has a lot of their own struggles, family problems, self issues, struggles with self identity, etc. It’s really hard to enjoy school when you are constantly being put under pressure about what you want to be! It’s like everyone expects us to figure out our whole lives by our senior year. What else really sucks is how our school/society makes us give our self worth and measure of intelligence by our grades. Not all kids are the same. It’s annoying how teachers say “Don’t apply stereotypes!!” and then say “teenagers, they’re all the same, stupid, young, immature, etc.” • Adults should be aware that some kids are sensitive about subjects like sexuality, depression, self-harm, and mental disorders. Kids shouldn’t be forced to stay in a class if they need to use the restroom. Taking off participation points for leaving class is ridiculous. The dress code is extremely double-standard. Anxiety is a sometimes debilitating condition and kids shouldn’t be put down for it. Teachers are often perpetrators of bullying and discrimination.

  6. Stress & Pressure: • That we’re all really stressed about college. Not to ask what we want to do with our lives, I can hardly figure out what I want for breakfast. •  CV adults should really take the time to really know how hard the kids work at school. Even the kids who don’t get perfect A’s in every class, that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying. •  We’re stressed. 6+ hours of school and 4+ hours of homework leaves no time for me to be with my family. •  CV adults should know that CV kids don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is a big issue for CV students. As I walk around the school, I see people of all ages and grades who are very sleepy, drink coffee, and yawn all the time. Another thing CV adults should know is that some teachers are harder than others even if you have a regular class for example Biology or English Literature. These are the things CV adults should know. •  CV students are all extremely stressed about everything. We are stressed about our futures, current lives, school work, relationships, and fitting in. Also, for some reason, we are all very depressed. When things go wrong, we don’t know who to turn to or what to do. We end up keeping everything in.

  7. Good Things: • There isn’t anything that is going on with CV kids, so I don’t think there is anything to know about us. • They should know CV kids are very hard-working and determined students. We all try our best to do the best we can. Confidence is an entity we all possess. Every student wants to be successful.

  8. Q&A Period