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Bullying. What is bullying? Why do people bully others? How can you be a buddy and not a bully?. What is bullying?. Bullying is about gaining power and control over another person. Types of bullying Verbal ( put-downs, name-calling, teasing, threats)

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What is bullying?

Why do people bully others?

How can you be a buddy and not a bully?

what is bullying
What is bullying?
  • Bullying is about gaining power and control over another person.
  • Types of bullying
    • Verbal (put-downs, name-calling, teasing, threats)
    • Physical (hitting, pushing, tripping, spitting, stealing)
    • Emotional(being left out, threatening, pranks, humiliating)
    • Racial(racial taunts, gestures)
girl bullies
Girl Bullies
  • Almost one out of every three girls are directly involved in bullying (as the bully or the bullied)
  • Girl bullies usually don’t get into fist fights. Instead, she will use:
      • rumor spreading
      • gossip
      • divulging or telling secrets
      • alliance-building
      • backstabbing
      • Ignoring
      • excluding from social groups and activities
      • verbally insulting
      • using hostile body language (i.e., eye-rolling and smirking)
      • teasing other girls about their hair
      • weight
      • intelligence
      • athletic ability
why do bullies bully
Why do bullies bully?
  • They've learned the habit of bullying at home by their parents or older siblings.
  • They're insecure. A bully may be sensitive and insecure about themselves so they attack others before they themselves can be made fun of.
  • They need to feel powerful.
  • They want to get attention and be popular.
  • They have personal issues. Underneath their tough exterior, they probably are angry or depressed about other issues in their lives.
be a buddy not a bully
Be a Buddy NOT a Bully!

How to Help if You or Someone You Know Feels Bullied:

  • Ignoring it Doesn’t Help
  • Don’t Just Hope it Will Stop
  • Help Yourself to Be Strong
  • Allow Yourself to Get Angry
  • Don’t Respond to the Bullying with Violence
  • You Can Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive
  • Tell a supportive friend, counselor, or parent
  • No One Deserves to be Bullied
tattling vs telling
Tattling vs. Telling
  • Tattling
    • Teacher, Kyle is giving me silly looks
    • Ann didn’t finish her spelling but moved on to start her homework in class
    • Jim keeps saying my name
    • Paul is playing with his erasers
  • Telling
    • Allison pushed me and knocked me down; now my knee is bleeding
    • I’m afraid of Peter. He has been saying really mean things to me in Specials and even threw a rock at me on the way home from school.
    • I heard a sixth grade student saying there was going to be a fight after school out back.
    • I saw Lee take erasers from Kevin’s desk and hide them in his own backpack.
finding strength in your self esteem
Finding Strength in Your Self-Esteem

Bullies stay away from students who have:

Strong Self-Esteem

Students are less likely to bully others when they have: