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  1. Animal Cruelty

  2. Dear Mr. Rudd, My charity is called The Animal Abuse Free Foundation and we.. • take sick pets in • care for them • have a place for them to sleep • give them food and water • clean them and most of all love them. All of these solutions need to be made as soon as possible or else know one will care about this issue in time to stop it. Contact us on 0540~397~244 or 9572~1448 or go to our website:

  3. What Is Animal Cruelty? • Animal cruelty is the torturing and killing of our animals. Activities that hurt animals include testing, extinction, • Deforestation, wildlife disappearing, Forced performances, the weather, fur farms, caged animals and the list goes on. • Testing affects animals by hurting and killing them so that we get proper medicine products. • Deforestation is when animals get forced out of their homes and cannot live where they are meant to live. • Animals that get hunted can be used for their fur or their meat.

  4. What Is Animal Testing? Animal testing is when scientists operate on animals for experimentations, products, medicines and research. Usually the animals die straight after the operation but not always. One of the common tests is called the Draize test. It is mostly used on albino rabbits and other pets. They examine the animal and then operate and leave them for 14 days to see what symptoms they have caught then they are killed.

  5. What is Fur Farming? “Fur farming is the practice of breeding or raising certain types of Animals for their fur. The animal most commonly farmed for its fur is the mink. As of 2003, Denmark had the largest fur- farmingindustry of mink, with 35 percent of world production. Fur farming takes place mainly in Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands in Europe. China with its huge fur industry is the largest importer and re-exporter of fur in the world. Fur farming is banned in Austria, Croatia and the United Kingdom. In Switzerland, the regulations for fur farming are very strict, with the result that there are no fur farms. Some other countries have a ban on fur farming of certain types of animals”.1 1

  6. What is Deforestation? Deforestation is when animals get thrown out of their home or habitat forever because of trees getting chopped down, the moving of plants or their habitat is getting destroyed. Deforestation is the clearance of naturally occurring forests by the processes of people's logging and/or burningof trees in a forested area.” 1 1

  7. Common Endangered Species. • Giant pandas (China) • Marine turtles (found in polluted oceans) • Rock wallabies (Australia) • Rhinos (found in Africa & Asia) • Tasmanian tiger (Australia) • Fruit bat (Papua New Guinea) • Monk seal (Hawaii) • Sand cat (Africa, Asia, Europe & Middle East) • Snow leopard (Central Asia & Middle East) • Bornean Orangutan (Borneo)

  8. Organizations Against Animal Abuse. • • WFF • WSPA • The lost dogs home • RSPCA • Paws • AACT (against animal cruelty Tasmania) • PACAT (People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport)

  9. Famous Products Against Animal Testing. • David Babaii - Hair products • Paul Mitchell - Hair products • Natio • The body shop • Jurlique • Estee Lauder Aesop

  10. My Solutions...… • Donate money to the local charity • Give your animal the right treatment • Give them your love and support • Give them water and food • Give them a warm place for them to sleep at night • Have space for them to play and run free • Give them a wash and clean every week • Have a healthy community • Buy animal testing free products

  11. My Solutions... • Donate to animal shelters food, water and • Bedding. • Have a collection of all the animals on the street and put them in a free space for them to move and eat. • Have benefit concerts to raise lots of money for animals. • Build more animal shelters.

  12. Quick Facts... • World wide in 2001 the number of animals killed for food was 47.9 billion according to the U.N. food and agriculture organization. • 113, 856 species have gone extinct this year and counting • 9,240,456 forests were lost this year and counting • It has been reported that tropical rainforests are home to 50 percent - 90 percent of all animals. According to Norman Meyers the world is losing between 50 100 animals and plant species each day as a result of this growing issue.

  13. What is In the slaughterhouses of McDonald's U.S. and Canadian chicken suppliers, birds are dumped out of their transport crates and hung upside down in metal shackles, which can result in broken bones, extreme bruising, and hemorrhaging. Workers have the opportunity to abuse live birds, and birds have their throats cut while they are still conscious. Many birds are immersed in tanks of scalding-hot water while they are still alive and able to feel pain.

  14. In 2000, following the launch of PETA's (original) McCruelty campaign, McDonald's made some basic animal welfare improvements. Since that time, the company has refused to eliminate the worst abuses that its chickens suffer, including abuses during slaughter. This cruelty could be illegal if dogs or cats or even pigs or cows were the victims. There is a less cruel method of slaughter available today that would eliminate these abuses, yet McDonald's refuses to require its U.S. and Canadian suppliers to switch to it.

  15. Gallery

  16. The Animal Abuse Free Foundation www.the .au Contact us on 0540397012 or 95721448