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  2. Contents • Introduction • What is the issue? • What do people say for/against the issue? • How I researched the topic • What results I got from the Survey • Conclusion • Credits

  3. Introduction In this short presentation I will be explaining to you how important it actually is in order for you to understand how an animal suffers during the process of animal testing . Many people do not understand what happens throughout animal testing but however this is a crucial part of acknowledging the affects of these procedures. This presentation may change your mind about how you think about the world of science and you may come across some interesting and disgusting facts.

  4. What is the Issue? The issue is a big deal as we are dealing with not 1 life but millions. The issue is not mainly located in the UK as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). The law submits a result of animal cruelty being up to 51 weeks in prison and a fine of up to £20,000. The problem is situated all over the world were animals are used as sources of food and/or humans use animals’ properties (i.e. Animal skin to make a sweater) in a humane way, Subject to knowledge that humane can mean a number of things. Even though animal cruelty has decreased a major amount in the past hundred (100) years or so animal cruelty still is a major problem today and mostly in cases leaving trails of blood.

  5. What do people say for/against the issue? As mentioned before, people have different opinions on the subject of animal cruelty and this may be the cause of simply not knowing the transaction of animal testing and the different ways that they conduct these investigations on creatures such as harmless weasels. Most people, I believe, would say that animal testing is not right and that a different way for animal testing should be found, however some people place confidence in the fact that animal testing only goes towards saving human lives (e.g. medicine) but in real fact animal testing is used in order to examine household products!

  6. How I researched the topic I mainly used the internet for research according to the subject of animal testing/cruelty. The internet provided me with a lot of useful information and also pictures etcetera. I also found a scientific books that told me how animal testing was performed in order to execute a task which was to upgrade or to make a configuration to a substance etc. Websites such as helped me make my choices and reach an idea about if animal testing is right or wrong.

  7. What Results I got from the Survey you know what bad animal testing causes? you know what good animal testing causes? you know the number of animals that are killed per year? 4.did you know that cancer cells can be inserted into poor little rabbits? 5.did you know that killing 10 animals could save a 100 humans? (These are the questions that I asked)

  8. Conclusion (Please feel free to check out my animal cruelty article.) My conclusion is very definite. I basically believe that animal testing of any sort is wrong. All the suffering that the animal has to take and even die for, is it worth it, well I say no. How would you feel if you got tortured and then killed? That really is something to think about… However in the issue of something such as animal testing or animal cruelty it really is you own opinion. It’s not all our fault though, the government pays people to do these type(s) of things even though they thoroughly know it is wrong or maybe they just don’t care. Cruelty to animals can only be defeated if we act now. If you want to help join at Or similar forms of fighting this crime.

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