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  1. Racism In America

  2. world issues Basic Interest: Racism Narrow Subject: is it taught or learned Working thesis statement: Racism is either taught or learned. Final Thesis Statement: Through the eyes of many people racism has either been taught or learned at a young age, it affects individuals lives either mentally or physically.

  3. In your opinion Do you think racism is or born or taught? Take a slip of paper and put it in the ballot box!


  5. WHAT • Racism is singling out one race or multiple races because an individual believes their race is dominant • It can start off as harmless jokes, leading into hate crimes and violence, even death. • There is controversy over whether or not racism is taught to children at a young age, or as adults. Or if people are born with it.


  7. WHEN Racism has been going on since humans have first been discovered. For example Social Darwinism is the belief that through evolution the human race gets stronger and that some races are superior to others. The Europeans thought they were better than the Africans because they were of a different color. Racism is all around us and it has been going on for the longest time and will be going on until the end of time.

  8. WHY Racism starts because it’s what the person doing feels is right. When your young and someone of authority tells you that your better than another person or race, your going to believe it, and that will be your way of thinking. You don’t have much decision making until your older, and by the time you can think on your own it will be so far inscribed in your mind that you will always think that way, especially if the people around you do. The person who is saying this to Robinson is racist because he feels he doesn’t belong on the Baseball team because he’s of a different race.

  9. HOW • Racism is taught, no one is born with it. When your younger you have no way to think on your own. Your parents teach you your rights from your wrongs, even racism. You can grow up in a house hold with your family and you’ll act the way they do, and think the way they do, and treat others the way they do until you can learn on your own what you think is the right thing. By this point you might think what your doing is right because it’s all you’ve ever known.

  10. QUESTION OF THE DAY Take a minute and think to yourself, and answer this question truthfully, do you think racism is something you learn, or your born with it? Born or Taught Put in the ballot box when finished