helping in your child s career development
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Helping in Your Child’s Career Development

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Helping in Your Child’s Career Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Helping in Your Child’s Career Development. By: Lacey Judd. Your Child in the Future. Close your eyes and imagine that you can travel through time into the future! It is 2025, fifteen years from today. Take a few minutes to imagine and answer these questions about your child in the future.

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your child in the future
Your Child in the Future

Close your eyes and imagine that you can travel through time into the future! It is 2025, fifteen years from today. Take a few minutes to imagine and answer these questions about your child in the future.

your child in the future1
Your Child in the Future
  • 1. How old is he/she in 2025?
your child in the future2
Your Child in the Future
  • 2. What year did he/she graduate from high school?
your child in the future3
Your Child in the Future
  • 3. Describe where he/she works
your child in the future4
Your Child in the Future
  • 4. Why did he/she choose the profession?
career development
Career Development

According to the ASCA National Standards, career development is the acquiring of skills, attitudes and knowledge that enable an individual to make a successful transition from school to the world of work, and from job to job across the life span.

career development1
Career Development
  • Developmental approach: Specific vocational development tasks are accomplished at each life stage. During the Growth stage, birth to age 14 years, these tasks include forming a picture of the kind of person one is, developing an orientation to the world of work, and acquiring an understanding of the meaning of work.
influence on child career development
Influence on Child Career development:

Students’s career development is influenced by three main sources:

  • People they know and admire
  • Their school
  • Their Parents
influence of their school
Influence of Their School
  • Success in school
  • Academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Their teachers
  • School guidance program
influence by parents
Influence by Parents
  • While professionals who they admire and the school have a large impact, parents are the most critical factor
  • If parents do not encourage their child’s career development, a child is much less likely to have pursue their career goals.
what parents can do
What parents can do:

Support your child in school

  • Make school a priority
  • Help them with homework
  • Go to school functions
  • Have a good relationship with teachers/school personnel
what parents can do1
What parents can do:

Help your children better understand themselves

  • Help identify strengths
  • Help identify interests
  • Help identify unique qualities
what parents can do2
What parents can do:
  • Help your child develop their goals/dreams and encourage them to go after them
a place to start
A place to start…


June 15, 2010

career day
Career Day

Career day is a chance to bring together the three main career influences:

  • Professionals your child admires
  • The school
  • YOU
career day1
Career Day
  • 15 professionals from the community will come to give a hands-on presentation to your children about their career
ways you can help
Ways you can help…
  • Encourage your child to come and enjoy career day
  • Come with your child and enjoy presentations
  • Volunteer
for more information
For more Information…
  • Come talk to me!
  • Or reach me at another time:

Lacey Judd


Room # 123

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