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Harper College 1200 West Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067-7398 847.925.6000 Visit our website: PowerPoint Presentation
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Harper College 1200 West Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067-7398 847.925.6000 Visit our website:

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Harper College 1200 West Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067-7398 847.925.6000 Visit our website: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Harper College 1200 West Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067-7398 847.925.6000 Visit our website: WELCOME INAM Conference Harper College. June, 2014. INAM Consortium Member Colleges. College of DuPage College of Lake County Daley City College Danville Area Community College

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Harper College

1200 West Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067-7398


Visit our website:

inam consortium member colleges
INAM Consortium Member Colleges

College of DuPage

College of Lake County

Daley City College

Danville Area Community College

Elgin Community College

Harper College

Illinois Eastern Community College

Illinois Valley Community College

John Wood Community College

Joliet Junior College

Kankakee Community College

Kishwaukee College

Lincoln Land Community College

McHenry County College

Oakton Community College

Prairie State College

Richland Community College

South Suburban College

Southwestern Illinois College

Triton College

Waubonsee Community College

9 deliverables
9 Deliverables
  • Total of unique participants served (new students).
  • Total number of participants completing a TAACCCT-funded program of study.
  • Total number of participant still retained in their program of study or other TAACCCT-funded program.
  • Total number of participants completing credit hours.
  • Total number of credentials awarded.
  • Total number of participants enrolled in further education after TAACCCT-funded program of study completion.
  • Total number of participants employed after TAACCCT-funded program of study completion.
  • Total number of participants retained in employment after program of study completion.
  • Total number of those participants employed at enrollment who received a wage increase post-enrollment.
inam net

McHenry County

South Suburban

Illinois Valley

Prairie State

College of DuPage



College of Lake County

Daley College



Elgin Community College

Illinois Eastern


Social Media

John Wood


Danville Area College


Harper College

Joliet Junior College

Lincoln Land



business wire press release
Business Wire Press Release
  • Viewed over 3600 times
  • 43 Social Media mentions of website launch
  • Top views in USA, France, Italy, UK, and Germany
  • Searchable on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and
  • Even viewed in Alaska
the website
The Website

www inam net
  • Continue to post news stories and need more from the consortium
  • Student Spotlight News Story from ECC (Thanks Jamie)
  • Curriculum (need the most up to date syllabus that the students get so we can share with the world and Montana!)
social media
Social Media
  • Currently on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Ongoing goal is to gain a strong following on social media and bring awareness to what we do
  • Twitter-On April 25th, we were following 68 people and had 4 followers
  • Twitter-On June 4th, we are following 408 people and have 86 followers
social media cont
Social Media Cont.
  • We continue to build our Twitter following and will start the process on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • We need your help, so please spread the word!
  • Use the website and social media to market your manufacturing programs
  • Twitter Feed
Q & A

Any questions about the Web or Social Media?

new green learning objectives
NEW!Green Learning Objectives
  • Understand the variety of Green manufacturing concepts commonly used in Manufacturing facilities.
  • Describe cost reduction tools available through sustainable manufacturing.
  • Know how physical spaces contribute to safety, energy efficiency, and human performance efficiency.
  • Identify sustainable strategies that can decrease industry impact on the environment.


followed by


strategy 1 2

Strategy 1.2

Report of the Survey Findings for the

Prior Learning Assessment Survey

pla task force discussion
PLA Task Force Discussion

The Unknowns

  • Students
  • Ann Garoon – Harper College
  • Brad Sparks – Southwestern Illinois College
  • Student Services (Admissions / Advising)
  • Vince Donahue – Oakton Community College
  • Mary Beth Ottinger – Harper College
  • Faculty
  • Ne’Keisha Stepney– Waubonsee Community College
  • Jack Adwell– Richland Community College
  • Diana Sharp – McHenry County College, Official Note Taker
university partnerships
University Partnerships

Cliff Mirman, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor and Chair

Department of Technology

Northern Illinois University

Jun Zhao, D.B.A

Division Chair and Professor of Management

College of Business & Public Administration

Governors State University

C. Ray Diez, CSTM, DIT

Professor & Chair

Engineering Technology Department

College of Business & Technology

Western Illinois University


NIU 3+1 B.S. In Technology -- Emphasis in Applied Manufacturing Technology

Total Semester Hours of Credit Needed for Graduation - 120 Hours

Additional course work to be taken at NIU or Regional Community College

(31 Sem hours)

AAS Degree from Regional Community College

(59 Sem hours)

NIU B.S. In Technology with and Emphasis in Applied Manufacturing Technology

(120 Sem Hours)

NIU Department of Technology Course work

(30 Sem hours)

  • Tech 391 – Industrial Quality Control
  • Tech 404 - Supervision in Industry
  • Tech 406 - Facilities Management Technology
  • Tech 429 - Plant Location, Layout & Materials Handling
  • Tech 434 - Human Factors in Industrial Accident Prevention
  • Tech 442 - Work Simplification & Measurement
  • Tech 444 - Production control Systems
  • Tech 484 - Energy Management
  • Tech 492 - Manufacturing Distribution Applications
  • Tech 496 - Industrial Project Management
  • Completion of Technical AAS Degree which includes
  • Engl 103 - Rhetoric and Composition*
  • Coms 100 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication*
  • Gen Ed Humanities course*
  • Gen Ed Social Science course*
  • Gen Ed Chemistry course (with lab) *
  • Required Technical Coursework (up to 43 hours for the technical component)
  • * required - NIU Core Competency
  • Engl 104 – Rhetoric and Comp II*
  • Phys 150A – Physics* (with Lab)
  • Math 155 – Trigonometry and Elementary Functions*
  • Stat 208 – Basic Statistics*
  • TECH 302 – Graphical Communication
  • TECH 211 – Computer-Aided Design/SolidWorks
  • General Education 4 courses*
    • 2 Humanities,
    • 1 Social Science
    • 1 Interdisciplinary
  • * required for NIU Core Competency

Applied Manufacturing Technology Program Benefits

  • The AMT program was developed using the State requirements for the AAS degree – nearly all technical programs are included!
  • Nearly 100% student placement at graduation
  • All NIU Technology courses are offered on-line using a blended format
  • Taught by NIU faculty or manufacturing experts
  • “Live” lectures are presented at convenient times and recorded for playback
  • Caters to non-traditional students with careers in manufacturing fields
  • Courses available on a 2-3 year rotation
  • Utilizes all of the courses taken to fulfill the AAS degree
  • Flexibility – you can start the program at anytime
  • Cost-effective - This is a true “3+1” program where 90 credits are completed at a regional community college
ba in manufacturing management bamm at governors state university target start fall 2015
BA in Manufacturing Management (BAMM) at Governors State University (Target Start: Fall 2015)
  • Program Requirements (121 hours; Red indicate courses that can be taken at community colleges and transfer to GSU):
  • GE Requirements (37 hours)
    • Including two ECON courses and Elementary Statistics
  • Additional CBPA Requirements (9 hours)
    • MIS 2101 Basics of Information Technology (3)
    • STAT 3700 Statistics for Management II (3)
    • MGMT 3200 Business Communications (3)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Requirements (27 hours)
    • Technical courses transferred from A.A.S. programs
  • Business Core Courses (30 hours)
  • Specialization Courses (15 hours)
  • Capstone (3 hours)

BA in Manufacturing Management (BAMM) Degree Requirements (Red indicate courses that can be taken at community colleges and transfer to GSU)

  • Business Core Courses (30 hours)
    • ACCT 2110 (Financial Accounting, 3)
    • ACCT 2111 (Managerial Accounting, 3)
    • FIN 3110 (Principles of Financial Management, 3)
    • MGMT 2100 (Principles of Business Management, 3)
    • MGMT 3210 (Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, 3)
    • MGMT 3400 (Production and Operations Management, 3)
    • MGMT 3500 (Organizational Behavior, 3)
    • MGMT 4600 (Globalization of Business)
    • MIS 3101 (Management Information Systems, 3)
    • MKTG 2100 (Intro to Marketing Management, 3)
  • Specialization Courses (15 hours)
    • MGMT 3300 (HR Management, 3)
    • MGMT 4410 (Quality Management, 3)
    • MGMT 4420 (Production and Inventory Control Systems, 3)
    • MGMT 4440 (Lean Manufacturing, 3)
    • MGMT 4400 (Supply Chain Management, 3)
  • Capstone (3 hours)
    • MGMT 4901 (Project Management for Advanced Manufacturing, 3)
bgs it minor @ wiu
BGS/IT Minor @ WIU
  • Requirements
    • A.A.S. technology based degree
    • Complete 30 hours @ WIU
    • Complete 40 hours of upper division courses (16 from WIU)
    • Complete WIU General Education Requirements or IAI
    • Complete 18 hours in Industrial Technology minor
    • Complete a total of 120 semester hours
  • Application
    • WIU website -> click on “Apply Now” -> scroll to “General Studies”




job placement attainment component

Job Placement Attainment Component

Steve Ritch

Placement Specialist

job placement attainment component1
Job Placement Attainment Component

Tools for Attainment

  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Employability Skills
  • Job Search
job placement attainment component2
Job Placement Attainment Component

Resumes & Cover letters

  • Cover letters introduce the person to
  • Era of filling out paper applications is gone
  • Employers review resumes before investing time on the interview
  • Employers spend an average of 16 seconds to accept or reject resume

Job Placement Attainment Component

Resumes & Cover letters (cont)

  • Allows for clear articulation of objective and personal history
  • Resume needs to be done neatly and professionally
  • Applicant is not only representing himself but the school as well
interview skills
Interview Skills

job placement attainment component3
Job Placement Attainment Component

Interview Skills

  • Knowledge of company
  • Appearance
  • Posture
  • Interview Stream

job placement attainment component4
Job Placement Attainment Component

Understanding Employability Skills

  • Attendance, Tardiness
  • Willingness to learn
  • Best work
  • Get along with others
job placement attainment component5
Job Placement Attainment Component

Job Search

  • Career Ladder
  • Job at lower rungs
  • Career at upper rungs
  • Finish certificate(s)
job placement attainment component6
Job Placement Attainment Component

Job Search (cont)

  • Finish college while working
  • Most of the time an employer will pay tuition reimbursement
  • Electronic Job Board - College Central
ask the placement specialist
Ask the Placement Specialist