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Seymour Papert

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Seymour Papert. By: Megan Arneman Rachel Lilly Katelyn Marks Charyl Watkins. Where Would We Be Without Papert?.

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Seymour Papert

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    1. Seymour Papert By: Megan Arneman Rachel Lilly Katelyn Marks Charyl Watkins

    2. Where Would We Be Without Papert? Without his ideas to create a more interacting and engaging classroom there would be no computer labs or computers at all. We would still have the idea of traditional classrooms by using very little technology. For example a type writer, very hard to actually type anything if you keep making mistakes. Have to use index cards in order to find books in the library; there would be no computer software to locate the books.

    3. 3 Characteristics 1. He has worked on learning theories, which include introducing new technologies into the classroom to enhance learning. 2. Drawing from Piaget's theories, he created Logo, which is a programming language that improves the way children think, learn, and problem solve. The "Logo Turtle" is a small robotic turtle used to aid the students with problem solving. The main intent of Logo is for groups to learn knowledge. 3. Papert is also one of the leaders on the non profit One Laptop Per Child initiative. This program delivers laptops to schools in under-priviledged areas.

    4. Strengths and Weaknesses

    5. List the Pros and Cons of computers in the classroom.

    6. References