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Career Research

Career Research

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Career Research

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  1. Nursing Career Research

  2. Education/ Training • Four years bachelors degree program in nursing. • You get the education and training from a college. • Take about four years. • A public school four-year plan is about $14,000 per year, including tuition, fees, books, room and board, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses. • The cost at a private college or university, at either the graduate or the undergraduate level, can be more than $30,000 per year.

  3. Job skills, talents and experience • The special skills you need to be a nurse is the ability to be compassionate, empathetic, caring, a good communicator and sympathetic, yet able to control their emotions in a stressful situation. Also strong skills in math and science are necessary, you will need to learn anatomy, physiology, some chemistry, pharmacology. • You gain experience at home when people get hurt and school. • I am suited for this career because I know how most things are done for nursing and I have wanted to do it my whole life, I think I would be good at helping people.

  4. Earnings • I looked at the standard beginning wage and every place I searched I got $20-25 per hour. • I would want to live any where close to my job so I wouldn’t have to travel very far. • The maximum salary you can expect would be about $26,000. • The factors that effect the salary range are where you work, what kind of nurse you are, and how long you have worked at the place. • The expenses are money for college and special training (if you need it).

  5. Benefits/ Health Factors • Usually you get free health care but what kind of nurse you are changes it. • The health and safety issues are you could get sick or sometimes get a disease if you don’t dress appropriately with gloves and everything else that’s required.

  6. Employment Outlook • Military nursing, hospital nurse, public nurse, Orthopedic Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, and Industrial Nursing/ Occupational Health Nursing Those are what kind of nurses there are. • costs, commitment, and rewards influence the availability. • Nationwide stats predict trouble within the nursingprofession. They also said the field lacks growth potential for those who don't go on for advanced placements. • Nursing is In-demand.

  7. Advancement Opportunities • Staff nurses can advance to head nurse or nurse supervisor positions, nurse practitioners, Clinical nurse specialists, nurse-midwives, and nurse anesthetists, and experienced nurses can also seek management positions in health care these are the advancement opportunities for nurses. • These positions require graduate level work in nursing or health services administration. • You don’t really have to go to school for advancements, the ones that I could find.

  8. Typical Day • a typical day for a person in this job is you check a person to see if they are sick what they have or you just check them for anything that’s not normal. • the usual hours are 8 am to 4 pm. • the best parts of the day is working with kids and making them laugh. • the most challenging? Thing would be giving the littler kids shots because most of them scream and cry.

  9. Aptitude • I am suitable for this job because I've taken care of kids before so I’m used to it and I know what to do when they get hurt, most of the time. • The real life experience that I have had is I had to help take care of my little cousins so I’m kind of used to little kids, I loved taking care of them so that’s why I want this job.

  10. Credits • The websites that I used were:

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