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Career Research Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Research Project

Career Research Project

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Career Research Project

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  1. Career Research Project • Follow the guidelines on the following slides to complete your own career research PowerPoint Project. • The titles on each slide should be used on your slides as well. • Use KuderNavigator.comand Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook ( websites to conduct your research for Slides 1-6 • Use the website for Slides 7-9 • Use the TexasRealityCheck.comwebsite for Slide 10 • Use the CitationMachine.netwebsite to correctly cite your sources for Slide 12

  2. Slide #1 Include picture or graphic of career Name of Career Your Name

  3. Slide #2 What They Do • What are the general activities and duties of this job?. (Five Bulleted items) • These are daily tasks that you would do on a regular basis.

  4. Slide #3 Where & How they Work • What is the environment like? (Four Bulleted items) • What are the physical surroundings, work hours, and mental and physical demands of this type of work?

  5. Slide #4 Education & Training • What training and educational background is needed for this area of employment? (Five Bulleted Items) • What types of classes do you need to take? • What special skills or talents must your have? • How many years of schooling beyond high school would you need?

  6. Slide #5 Earnings • What are the starting and advanced salaries for this industry?(At least TWO Bulleted Items)

  7. Slide #6 Job Outlook • Will these career areas be in demand in the future? Why or Why not?

  8. Name of School Slide #7 • Find a school that offers the training you need for the career you have chosen and provide some basic information • Use website: (5 bulleted items which can include) • the location of the school • general information such as • History of the school • Programs of Study offered • Clubs or Organizations available

  9. What do you need to do to get accepted into this school. (At least THREE Bullets) Items that you could list include: Are there applications to complete? If so, is there a fee required? Are there any other fees to pay? (Dorm deposit) What tests do you need to take? (SAT or ACT) What HS classes should you take to prepare for this career? Admissions Requirements Slide #8

  10. Cost of School Slide #9 • List school UNDERGRADUATE costs such as: • Room and Board (Dorm room and Meal plan) • Tuition (Cost of courses you will need to take) • Books • Other fees (Science lab, parking, game passes, etc.) • Compute total cost for one year (Add up all of the expenses)

  11. Reality Check Slide #10 • List on this slide the information and costs after completing the reality check: • Housing • Utilities • Food • Transportation • Clothing • Health Care • Entertainment • Personal Upkeep • Miscellaneous • Savings • Taxes • Annual Salary

  12. Slide #11 Final Thoughts • Compose a response to each of the following questions • What cluster(s) does this career fall into? • What things did you like about the career you chose? • What didn’t you like so much about the career you researched? • What makes this career attractive to you? • Will you be able to live on the salary for your occupation? Why or why not?

  13. Sources Used Slide #12 • List alphabetically ALL of the sources where you found information and pictures. (Should have at least 5 sources.) • Use the Citation Machine website to assist you in formatting each source. • Include the entire URL address! • IS NOT a URL—it is a search engine! • Make sure to include ALL sites where you found any information. This can include the following: • Kuder Navigator website • BLS (Occupational Outlook Handbook) website • Collegeview website • Individual College websites