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andrew wellbaum 4 1 14 ms berdy s 2 nd hour 21 st century n.
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My Career Research

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My Career Research
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My Career Research

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  1. Andrew Wellbaum 4/1/14 Ms. Berdy’s 2nd hour 21st Century My Career Research

  2. My Top 3 Careers • Weapons Engineer • Marine • Web Designer

  3. My #1 Career:Weapons EngineerCareer Cluster: Engineering

  4. Introduction • “Weapons Engineers design, develop, test, and manage weapons and weapons systems on behalf of the federal government. Employed by the Department of Defense, the military, or a private defense contractor.” I have always wanted to have some job working with firearms and I really like the sounds of this. And for me working on something I love working with is my idea of a life. As I figure out what I want to do as a profession this is definitely my top career.

  5. Career Cluster • Weapons Engineer is in the Engineering Career Cluster.

  6. Nature of Work/Description • As a Weapons Engineer, you’re like all Engineers in that your job is all about scientific and mathematical problem solving. Using computer-aided design (CAD) software, you address questions of weight, shape, velocity, aerodynamics, and impact in order to design weapons that hit their target and fulfill their mission, efficiently and effectively. To do this, you integrate mechanical, electrical, and computer systems — including radar, sonar, explosives, and ballistics — into designs for missiles, bombs, rockets, and mines.

  7. Working Conditions • When working weapons engineers need to be able to work with teams effectively. • It is also expected for you to be highly self-motivated and have prior use/ experience with weapons. • Weapons Engineers also work full time (40 hours a week). • This job can be stressful when working on a design.

  8. Training/ Qualifications • Basic Requirements include a BS in Engineering (Electrical/Computer Science, Mechanical, or Aerospace) or related technical discipline (Physics, Mathematics). Microsoft Office and technical writing skills (including proposals) are also required, as well as excellent communication and people skills. This position requires the ability to obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance and the successful candidate must be capable of being cleared to special access programs. • Preferred Qualifications: Practical experience with weapons systems. Current Top Secret security clearance

  9. Job Outlook/Employment • The outlook for weapons engineering jobs very good. While some people say that it is bleak because of ending wars it is actually good.

  10. Earnings • The earnings vary for what exactly you are doing. On average Weapons engineers make $25,000 for every design, but make $50,000 for every project you are on. Plus if the military decides to buy your design you can get 25% of the profit. Now this part is what I plan on doing… If you graduate from a big military college like West Point you can get in companies like Boeing & Raytheon and then you can make $50,000- $12 million a month!

  11. Salary Comparison

  12. Back Up Plan: Marine • Most Marines live on base, but they can still go outside of the gates. To become a marine you must go through multiple tests. This job puts you through mental and physical pain. You must keep high morale and never give up.

  13. Summary • To me all of these jobs involve what I want to do. But to me the one I like most is weapons engineer. The things that matter to me are is that I am doing what I want to do. The pay is good but that doesn’t matter to. I do want to be the guy that comes home from work complaining about how he hates his job. If that was me I would find a new job. This project has helped me a lot in finding out what I want to do to make a living.

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