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The Catalog/Time Schedule Process PowerPoint Presentation
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The Catalog/Time Schedule Process

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The Catalog/Time Schedule Process
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The Catalog/Time Schedule Process

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  1. The Catalog/Time Schedule Process

  2. Who’s New in SAS Zoe Labrecque, born in January!!

  3. Honest, they come to us … we don’t “steal” them! Mark Sullivan: Cp-Haq Formerly IN SFS Kim Ward: Vao-Z Formerly in UG Admissions

  4. Introducing Your Dream Team Ruth Adams: Registrar Extraordinaire! 23 Years in SAS Kay Knierim: Catalog 23 Years in SAS Tiffany Shelton (7 Years)/Lee Staman (2 Years): Time Schedule & Room Schedule Kenda Gatlin: Ruth’s understudy 18 Years in SAS

  5. The Catalog Quartet There are three parts: 1. Course Information KAY 2. Narrative RUTH 3. Degree Requirements* TIFFANY/LEE *The undergraduate catalog degree requirements will also be edited by academic counselors who will contact department chairs if questions arise.

  6. The Catalog is a historical record of all the courses that SPU has offered and is currently offering is the foundation of the Banner Student System is the base on which we build the Time Schedule, which allows us to register and grade students defines the rules for all courses is our contract with students for curriculum rules

  7. I: Course Information • Course changes can only be made during Autumn quarter • Course changes become effective in Summer of the next academic year • Submit your changes to Kay, who will then forward as necessary to *UPEC or *GPEC for reporting or approval, via Ruth. *Undergraduate Policy Evaluation Committee **Graduate Policy Evaluation Committee

  8. I: Course Information You will receive a report that lists every active course your department has in Catalog. Review the information, and send the report AND signed catalog course forms to Kay. 99% of all changes require a Course Change Form, with department chair AND dean’s signature. Minor changes to wording in the course description can be written on the report.(The Highlighted Yellow portion in the next slide)

  9. Subj/Crs # Title Credits Prereqs Course Description Attributes Delivery Types Grading Modes

  10. Test Your Knowledge: Which of these changes requires a catalog course form?

  11. Answer: All prerequisite changes require a signed catalog course form.

  12. Making Changes to Equivalent Courses? Please Note! Example: If a change is made to PSY 2360 by the Psychology department, the change will not be automatically applied to SOC 2360. It is up to the individual department to communicate this change with each other, as well as SAS.

  13. Courses Used By Other Departments If another department is using your course in their program, be sure to notify them if you change the number or discontinue the course. Ideally this needs to be communicated before the 1st round is due so that they can update their Catalog copy.

  14. Test Your Knowledge: What two signatures are always required on a catalog course form prior to submission to SAS? Department Chair and Dean

  15. I: Course Information Deadlines Distribution of Catalog to Schools – September 6 1st Round of Catalog due to SAS – October 7 (This is the time to make any necessary changes to courses, curriculum, etc.) 2nd Round of Catalog to Schools – November 7 (This is for minimal changes, such as typos, awkward wording, etc. It is the time to proof read the changes that were made based on what you submitted in the first round.) Final Deadline for all course changes AND NARRATIVE– December 1

  16. Test Your Knowledge • Question: Your department has created a new undergraduate course. Where do you send it? • UPEC • Kay Knierim • Office of Academic Affairs

  17. II: Narrative Any free-form text that appears in the UG & GR catalog is edited by you, in a program called Contribute. Changes are made during AUTUMNquarter. (Deadline: December 1st)

  18. III: Degree Requirements Degree requirements are updated by Tiffany and Lee in Banner. You submit changes on paper, we do the rest! Changes are made annually by DECEMBER1st. Academic counselors will help review the checklist (see next slide…)

  19. 4 Year Degree Sequence:“Contract-clad-correct” in catalog!

  20. Non-Credited Requirements It is critically important that non-credited requirements be listed in this section of the catalog, including such items as: Comprehensive Exams Foreign Language Proficiency Symposium/Recital Performance Dissertation Defense Study Abroad

  21. IV: Time Schedule Overview • Academic year schedule produced by Tiffany & Lee during winter quarter • Includes autumn/winter/spring quarters • Summer schedule produced by Tiffany & Lee during autumn quarter • Time Schedule is more flexible than Catalog. • Tiffany’s Focus: Undergraduate • Lee’s Focus: Graduate, Doctoral and Continuing Ed

  22. Summer Time Schedule • Receive spreadsheet that lists every section your department offered Summer 2011. • Review the information • Submit Summer Time Schedule forms for every section you wish to offer Summer 2012. • Receive spreadsheet that reflects Summer 2012’s schedule. • Review the information • Write necessary changes on the spreadsheet in a brightly colored pen, and return to Tiffany or Lee. • Summer TS will be published January 15th

  23. Summer Time Schedule Deadlines Distribution of Summer Time Schedule (TS) to schools – September 6 1st Round of Summer TS due to SAS - October 7 2nd Round of Summer TS to schools - November 7 Final deadline for all Summer TS changes December1

  24. Academic Year Time Schedule • Receive spreadsheet that lists every section your department offered in 2011-2012. • Review the information • Write necessary changes on the spreadsheet in a brightly colored pen, and return to Tiffany or Lee. • Receive spreadsheet that reflects 2012-2013’s schedule. • Review the information • Write necessary changes on the spreadsheet in a brightly colored pen, and return to Tiffany or Lee. • TS will be published March 23rd

  25. Pay particular attention to: Detail codes Course fees Restrictions Maximum enrollment Special rooms, needs Special approvals

  26. Request from SAS When building Time Schedule, especially for graduate programs, please do not have classes start and end at the precise time: 1:00-5:30 and 5:30-7:30. It will make it impossible for our scheduling software to schedule rooms effectively. Be creative – 1:00 – 5:20, or something. Thank you!

  27. Academic Year Time Schedule Deadlines Distribution of Time Schedule to schools – December 22 1st Round of Time Schedule due to SAS – January 20 2nd Round of Time Schedule to schools – February 14 Final deadline for Time Schedule – February 24

  28. Time Schedule Changes Changes made after the Time Schedule is published require a Time Schedule Change form. Exception: room changes do not require a form. Dean approval is required.

  29. Classroom Changes REMOVED: Demaray256 and 258 have become the Graduate Center. Emerson 150 reverted back to lounge space. ADDED: Cremona Building, including Active Learning classroom (CREM 101) CHALLENGE: High Enrollment

  30. Test Your Knowledge A course is available for 2-5 credits. A student comes to you and asks to take it for 1 credit. What do you do?

  31. Who do I work with? Lee (x2254 • Graduate Time Schedule • Doctoral Time Schedule • 5000-Level Time Schedule • GR/DR Catalog Degree Requirements Tiffany or Lee • Room Scheduling • Urgent Time Schedule Changes • General SAS questions • – Tiffany and Lee monitor Tiffany (x2635 Undergraduate Time Schedule UG Catalog Degree Requirements

  32. Understanding Catalog and Time Schedule CATALOG = Kay • Title • # of credits • Course Description • Restrictions (Initial) • Fees (Initial Set up) • Grading Mode • Repeatability TIME SCHEDULE = Tiffany & Lee • Title: Stem ending • Days & Times • Instructor • Quarter offered • Rooms • Maximum Enrollment • Special Approvals/Restrictions • Canceling Sections

  33. Test Your Knowledge Which form would you use for the following changes? • Instructor • Title of class • Course description • Pre-requisites • Restrictions

  34. Think of it this way… Catalog: is like an i Tunes Library Time Schedule: is your particular playlist selection If it is not in your iTunes Library, you can’t add it to your playlist.

  35. Faculty Resource Site Banner Navigation Set Up and Use of Contribute Classroom Information, Conference Rooms Catalog and Time Schedule Procedures Deadlines Who’s Who in Student Academic Services Past 5 Years of Time Schedule Spreadsheets – Helpful for Planning!!

  36. Were you paying attention?! What deadline/change will be different for this catalog cycle than has been the case years past? Degree Requirement AND Narrative are now both due December 1st !!

  37. In Closing… • Do you have anyupcoming program changes? Contact Ruth! • Please let SAS know if you would like one-on-one training on Internet Native Banner or Contribute, or if you would like to receive the Contribute tutorials. • Additional questions?