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Exploring three dimensions

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Exploring three dimensions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploring three dimensions. Presenter: Ashley Andreas EDU 505 - Internet and the Web. Introduction. The purpose of this project is to further strengthen students knowledge of three dimensional objects. Each student needs to: - team up with one other class mate

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exploring three dimensions

Exploring three dimensions

Presenter: Ashley Andreas

EDU 505 - Internet and the Web

  • The purpose of this project is to further strengthen students knowledge of three dimensional objects.
  • Each student needs to:

- team up with one other class mate

-present on a particular three dimensional object

  • This project will ensure each student has a complete understanding on the unit of three dimensions.

Good luck and I can not wait to see what you and your fellow class mates present!!!


Each student is to accomplish this project through the following:-first, pick a partner

-second, meet with your partner and discuss which three dimensional object you would like to present on (sphere, pyramid, cylinder, rectangular prism, etc.)

-third, discuss if you want to find the volume or total surface area of this particular object.

-fourth, find or (make up) a word problem you and your partner can present to the class. If you choose to make up a word problem make sure you and/or your partner have the problem approved by my self before you go further with the presentation.

-fifth, present your problem on a prezi, powerpoint, or a glogster to the class


To accomplish this project with your partner you need to

make sure you have the following steps all accomplished

within two weeks of this project being assigned:

1. A well thought out word problem (either from a web source, book source, or your own thought out word problem).

2. The problem solved out neatly on a separate piece of paper to be handed in.

3. A small presentation of the word problem on a presentation board of your choice (choices are shown in the Task section on this web site).

4. Your presentation will last no more then 15 minutes.

5. A printed works cited page showing all websites that were used in your project, to be handed in.


If at any time students feel the need for some extra assistance or resources to help their

presentation be a success, the following resources can be used:

  • YouTubeYou can use YouTube to look up videos of instructors solving particular three dimensional word problems. 
  • KhanAcademyThis is a great web source to get extra help with many math concepts. You can type in "Finding the volume of a sphere" (etc.), into the search engine on khanacademy and useful videos will pop up giving a thorough explanation of this concept.
  • GoogleGoogle is also a great source to find many examples of word problems you are looking to present on.
  • RegentsPrepThis site is nice to find extra help and examples on particular problems. You would want to click on the Geometry link once you get to the main website page, and then you can scroll down and click the first category of Geometric Relationships where you can find many problems involving three dimensional objects.
  • our class room text book

This will be the rubric I will be using to assess students presentations:


You and your fellow students will individually

write a small paragraph to be handed in to me as

to which presentation was the most

understanding/interesting to you. -This will allow me to see where we may need more work on three dimensions and to use one of you or your class mates problems in my lessons for the future.

contact information
Contact Information

Feel free to contact me at any time if there is any

confusion on the task for this project or if there

are any questions.

Email: andreas.ashley14@gmail.com