the war nobody won and the second american revolution n.
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The War Nobody Won And the Second American Revolution PowerPoint Presentation
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The War Nobody Won And the Second American Revolution

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The War Nobody Won And the Second American Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The War Nobody Won And the Second American Revolution. Answer the following Multiple Choice ?s. Napoleonic War 1803-1815. Forces Great Britain to fight a war in Europe and North America America will take a back seat until Napoleon surrenders

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the war nobody won and the second american revolution

The War Nobody WonAnd the Second American Revolution

Answer the following Multiple Choice ?s

napoleonic war 1803 1815
Napoleonic War 1803-1815
  • Forces Great Britain to fight a war in Europe and North America
  • America will take a back seat until Napoleon surrenders
  • Battle or Trafalgar- British destroy the Napoleonic fleet.
economic warfare
Economic Warfare
  • Continental System (France wants to keep Britain and Allies from trading with Europe)
  • Berlin and Milan Decrees (barred British trade)
  • Orders in Council (Britain blockades European trade with America)
  • America’s dilemma? Neutrality?
  • “Floating hell”: few volunteers- impressed into service… deserters
  • Native born vs. naturalization- lines were blurred

Chesapeake (USA) vs. Leopard (UK)

  • Demand an end to impressment- British pay reparations but do not end impressment
  • Embargo Act of 1807- major depression within the United States
  • “Peaceable Coercion…” avoid war but ends his presidency
  • Nonimportation
james madison 1809 1817
James Madison 1809-1817
  • Nonintercourse Act= Britain embargoed
  • Macon’s Bill #2… replaces the Nonintercourse Act: opens trade but gives Presidential authority to stop trade if either France or Britain interferes with American trading. America would automatically stop trade with Britain by 1811 unless Britain stopped its restrictions with American shipping
tecumseh the prophet
Tecumseh & the Prophet

William Henry Harrison- governor of Indian territory: Jefferson’s assimilation policy (good white settlers or leave)

  • Shawnee Indian Confederation
  • The Prophet- preached against all things white
  • Tecumseh “the shooting star”- Shoshone chief tries to unite the Indians of the Mississippi valley
  • Harrison had negotiated with individual tribes and not with the whole of the natives (Tecumseh Confederation)= invalid in native eyes
  • Battle of Tippecanoe (William Henry Harrison): November 1811- Tecumseh traveling, Harrison attacks Prophetstown
  • Curse of Tecumseh- every 20 years a president will die while serving
causes of the war
Causes of the War
  • Impressment- seizure of ships
  • British and Native Americans- protection from expansion
  • Congressional election of 1810… War Hawks- Henry Clay (Speaker of the House), John C. Calhoun (Committee on Foreign Affairs)
  • Prizes: Canada
  • Florida- Spanish territory, but allied with the British (Indian raids, escaped slaves traveled there)
war of 1812
War of 1812
  • Northwest Failures… Canadian Invasion
  • Forts Detroit, Niagara
  • Some success at Lake Erie- Oliver Hazard Perry
  • William H. Harrison… Thames River in Canada- death of Tecumseh
at sea east
At Sea & East
  • USS Constitution- Old Ironsides
  • Washington DC- retaliation for the burning of the Canadian capital, York
  • Army heads north to Baltimore
  • Fort McHenry- Francis Scott Key
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Indian raids from the Creek in Florida- Americans respond:
  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend
  • Commissioned Major General, Jackson heads south and takes Pensacola
new orleans 1815
New Orleans 1815
  • Port of New Orleans
  • Jackson with Tennesseans, Kentuckians, Creoles, blacks, pirates, and regular army troops.
  • British attack well fortified troops but the US held with 500 prisoners, 700 dead, 1400 wounded: US- 8 killed, 13 wounded
  • Victory? But wait… the war is over
federalist s last gasp
Federalist’s Last Gasp
  • Hartford Convention 1814
  • Northeast New England Federalists
  • “Mr. Madison’s War”
  • Constitutional Amendments… and nullification
  • Possible secession

But the victory at New Orleans and peace treaty ended support, and Federalists die off.

treaty of ghent
Treaty of Ghent
  • December 24, 1814
  • States- Antebellum: no change (Britain gave on the grounds after being exhausted from the Napoleonic Wars)
  • 1815: commercial treaty: rights to trade freely
  • 1817: Rush Bagot Agreement- mutual disarmament on the Great Lakes by 1872- largest unprotected border in the world.
  • Indians were greatly weakened- no British protection and the unity broken with Tecumseh’s death.