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Standley Middle School Science Olympiad

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Standley Middle School Science Olympiad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Standley Middle School Science Olympiad. Mr. Carter 858-455-0550 x2306. San Diego Regional Science Olympiad. What is Science Olympiad?. Annual Science Competition 23 team events Each students competes (with a partner) in 2-3 events

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standley middle school science olympiad
Standley Middle SchoolScience Olympiad

Mr. Carter

858-455-0550 x2306

San Diego Regional Science Olympiad

what is science olympiad
What is Science Olympiad?
  • Annual Science Competition
  • 23 team events
  • Each students competes (with a partner) in 2-3 events
  • Compete against other San Diego Middle Schools at Rancho Bernado High & Middle School on February 2, 2013 (SATURDAY) during an all-day event.
science olympiad benefits
Science Olympiad Benefits
  • Promotes teamwork & collaboration
  • Improves study skills
  • Exposure to science subjects outside of science class
  • Great addition to academic resume
science olympiad commitment
Science Olympiad Commitment
  • 15 Weeks of training (October 22-February 2)
  • 2-3 hours per week (before school , after school and or during advisory)
  • Students MUST attend and participate in all trainings and practices for their assigned events.
  • Completion of work assignment by coach(es)
  • Adherence to Standley rules
student registration form
Student Registration Form



  • Complete Contact Information:
    • Student Info.
    • Parent Info.
    • Read and sign acknowledgement
    • Last day to sign-up: October 8th.
  • $20 -25 Donatons Covers:

-Standley’s Registration with Science Olympiad

-Materials costs

-Official Standley Middle School Science Olympiad Shirt

-Please submit Donations to to the financial office by Oct 22

science olympiad event selection
Science Olympiad Event Selection

Rank top 5 on Registration Form online

Students will be grouped by desired events

Build vs. Test Events

Only 2 students per event so everyone is not guaranteed their first choice.

If parent coaches, student gets their first choice with a friend.

Try to give each student 1 build and 1 test event.

Teams formed as soon as we have coaches for each event!

build event elevated bridge
Build Event: Elevated Bridge
  • Teams will design, build & test the lightest bridge to carry a maximum load.
build event trajectory
Build Event: Trajectory

Teams design, construct, calibrate and operate a device capable of launching a ball into a target using non-metallic elastic solids.

  • Understand the dynamics of Slingshots or Catapult devices? Good at math or graphing?
  • Engineering inclination
build event battery buggy
Build Event: Battery Buggy
  • Teams will construct a vehicle that uses electrical energy as its sole means of propulsion, quickly travels a specified distance, and stops as close as possible to the center of the finish line.
build event junkyard challenge
Build Event: Junkyard Challenge
  • Students will partially pre-construct a device with final construction and adaptation onsite to complete a published challenge.
build event wright stuff
Build Event: Wright Stuff
  • Teams will design and build a propeller propelled aerodynamic device for greatest time aloft.
    • SO provides one kit per school.
test event disease detectives
Test Event: Disease Detectives
  • Students apply principles of epidemiology to a published report of a real-life health situation or problem.
    • CSI fan?
    • Do you have good logic skills, good detective?
    • Written test skills
test event compute this
Test Event: Compute This
  • Teams will be presented with a problem which requires quantitative data capture from the Internet and the presentation of data in a graphical format.
test event fossils
Test Event: Fossils
  • Students will identify, describe, and classify various specimens.
test event pentathlon
Test Event: Pentathlon
  • Teams will compete in an academic pentathlon to demonstrate their overall understanding of five major science content areas.
test event physical sciences lab
Test Event: Physical Sciences Lab
  • Emphasis: Wind Technology and Wind Generators.
test event science crime busters
Test Event: Science Crime Busters
  • Teams will identify the perpetrators of a crime or crimes by using paper chromatography and analysis of unknown solids, liquids and plastics found at the scene of a crime
    • Like CSI? Want to be a forensics detective?
    • Logic, analysis & verbal communication
test event anatomy
Test Event: Anatomy
  • This event encompasses the anatomy of the skeletal and muscular system.
    • Interested in the human body?
    • Want to be a doctor?
    • Written and verbal tests skills
test event ornithology
Test Event: Ornithology
  • This event will test knowledge of birds.
    • If these creatures interest you can learn all about them and then test your knowledge.
test event road scholar
Test Event: Road Scholar
  • Students will answer questions based on their ability to read state highway maps, internet-generated maps, road atlases, or USGS topographic maps.
    • Do you always want to know where you are going and how to get there?
    • Do you like navigating on the family vacation?
test event meteorology
Test Event: Meteorology
  • Involves the use of process skills as applied to meteorology with respect to everyday weather.
    • Are you in tune with the weather and good at math?
    • Great event for surfers
test event solar system
Test Event: Solar System
  • Identify and/or know properties and evolution of sun-sized and massive stars, open clusters and globular clusters, and normal star forming galaxies.
    • Are you a space cadet? Do you own a telescope?
    • Good memorization skills, great at taking verbal and written tests
test event write it do it
Test Event: Write it Do it
  • Technical writing exercise where students write a description of a contraption and other students will attempt to recreate it using only the written description
    • Ability to write clear instructions
    • Ability to decipher written instructions and construct a something
test event shock value circuits
Test Event: Shock Value (Circuits)
  • Students will compete in activities involving basic understanding of electricity, magnetism and simple electrical devices.
test event bio processes lab
Test Event: Bio-Processes Lab
  • A lab oriented competition involving fundamental science processes.
    • Do you know the scientific method?
    • Are you good at collecting data?
    • Can you interpret data?
test event dynamic planet
Test Event: Dynamic Planet
  • Teams will work at stations that display a variety of earth science materials and related earth science questions (earthquakes/ volcanoes).
test event ecology grasslands taiga
Test Event: Ecology (grasslands, Taiga)
  • Students will answer questions involving content knowledge and process skills in the area of ecology and adaptation by examining different ecosystems.
test event can t judge a powder
Test Event: Can’t Judge a Powder
  • Students will test and characterize one pure substance and then, based only on data they collect, answer a series of questions about that substance.
test event experimental design
Test Event: Experimental Design
  • Given a set of unknown objects, teams will design, conduct, analyze and write-up an experiment.
parent volunteers
Parent Volunteers

Is there an event that you may want to coach?

Please consider it even if you are not 100% comfortable. We are not looking for an expert, just someone willing to give their time to the students.

Without volunteer coaches the team will not do as well since teachers can not possibly coach all the events.

how do i become a volunteer
How do I become a Volunteer?

Background Check

TB Test

  • Complete and Return:
    • Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening Form
    • School Volunteer Application
  • Can be completed here at Standley:
    • Shots: Tuesdays 9-10am
    • Read: Thursdays 3-4pm
  • Can also be completed at your own doctor.