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Science Olympiad PowerPoint Presentation
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Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

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Science Olympiad

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  1. Science Olympiad 2017 – 2018 Team Meeting

  2. Welcome and Introduction

  3. Our ESO Event Dates & Locations • Cobb Regional – March 24th @ Walton HS • State – May 12th @ KSU • Only qualifying teams from Cobb Regional are invited to participate at STATE SO

  4. Cobb Regional ESO Schedule for March 24th 2018 • 7:30 – Coaches Check In • 8:15 – Opening Ceremony • 9:00 – Session 1 • 9:55 – Session 2 • 10:50 – Session 3 • 11:40 – Science Show • 12:20 - Awards

  5. Event Details • Our entire team will wear a Vaughan Science Olympiad team T-Shirt for the event • The Science Olympiad Organizer will provide a “home-base” table for our team to meet between events • Events are closed – Parents cannot view most events – Egg Drop & Water Rockets are the only exception.

  6. Events! • 18 total events • Each event allows up to 2 students to participate (Water Rockets – 3 students • We are hoping to have our alternate studying for one or multiple events.

  7. Event Grouping

  8. Group 1 Events • Please categorized these 6 events from 1 (most Favorite) down to 6 (least favorite). • There is an handout for you to write down your choices along with your child’s name at the top of the page!

  9. Backyard Biologist – (Study Event) Teams will be assessed on their knowledge of living organisms that they may encounter in their own backyard (Georgia). The focus this year will be on trees, plants, and birds. Teams will be required to identify organisms from a provided list. They are required to know about the habitat and conditions required for growth of those organisms.

  10. Barge Building – (Hands On Event) • Student will build a Barge and it will be tested to see how much weight can it hold. • The student will be allowed to load the cargo on the barge until it fails.

  11. Bridge Building - (Hands On Event) At competition the team will build a bridge out of straws. Each end of the bridge structure will rest on supports above the ground. The team will then placed a 112g mass of clay on the Bridge to check the strength of the bridge. The aim is to build the strongest Bridge that can extend farthest from the two support.

  12. Data Cruncher – (Study Event) • Teams will demonstrate their understanding of metric measurement by estimating and measuring length (meter), mass (gram), fluid volume (liter), angles, and temperature(Celsius). • Teams should also be able to create and interpret data tables, bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and pictographs and make basic calculations that include time, money, fractions and percentage.

  13. Deep Blue Sea – (Study Event) • It is merely a quiz about living things found in the ocean! • Event will be limited to ocean flora and fauna (algae, fish, mammals, and other living things) found in the oceans off the cost of GA. • They truly try to keep the organism that are local to GA.

  14. Disease Detectives – (Study Event) • This event will utilize resources developed by the CDC for our student to study from. • This event is essentially Epidemiology. • A simple and useful definition is epidemiology is "the study of disease in populations". • They will give scenarios, like what made everybody sick at the picnic?

  15. Group 2 Events • Please categorized these 6 events from 1 (most Favorite) down to 6 (least favorite).

  16. Don’t Bug Me - (Study Event) • This event is really all about insects. • They will test the teams on the insect classification material that they have provided. • They don’t expect the students to list the scientific names to identify the insects. They are fine with the common names. • They will used Pictures, preserved or living specimens. • Please make sure your child is not terrified of insect, if they choose to participate in this event.

  17. Mystery Architecture – (Hands On Event) • Just like it says, it will be a mystery what building materials they will provide. However, it will be identical material for each team. • Students will be asked to build the tallest possible structure from the material provided that will support a tennis ball. • Each team of participants may bring: scissors, a ruler, a pair of pliers, & practice tennis ball.

  18. No Bones About It – (Study Event) • This is essentially an preparing our team for their future Anatomy class. • Teams will be asked to identify parts of the skeletal system of human and animal. • Actual bones, photos of bones, and models will be used. • Event may contain a mixture of stations, multiple choice and fill in the blank questions.

  19. Paper Rockets – (Hands On Event) • Students are given a straw, a pencil and a piece of paper. • They use the piece of paper to build there own Paper Rocket around the pencil. Then, they have to put the straw in the rocket. Then, they blow the straw towards the target. • Students are allowed to be creative in how they design their Rocket as long as the straw can fit inside the rocket.

  20. Rock Hound – (Study Event) • Rock and mineral specimens will be provided during the event. • Essentially, teams will be asked to identify rock and mineral specimens. • Tellus Museum & The Rock and Mineral Society are 2 great resources for this event.

  21. Starry Starry Night – (Study Events) • Students will see a power point of different celestial objects (Stars, Galaxy, Comets, etc). • They will be given a minute to identify the picture they are viewing. • There is also a written test associated with this event.

  22. Group 3 Events • Please categorized these 6 events from 1 (most Favorite) down to 6 (least favorite).

  23. Straw Egg Drop – (Hands On Event) • Students must construct a device to cushion the egg when dropped from 2-3 meters. • Large, raw egg at room temperature will be used • To limit mess, eggs will be placed in store brand sandwich zippy bags prior to entering the competition building. • Construction materials may not be attached to the egg (or bag)

  24. Straw Tower – (Hands On Event) • The challenge is to build the tallest structure that will hold a loading platform. • The platform will be 5cm x 5cm pieces of cardboard. • Students will add weights to the loading block to test the strength of their construction. • Students will build structures on the ground, not tables or desks.

  25. Water Rockets – (Hands On Event) • Water Rockets are built ahead of time and the team bring it to the event. • Parachutes are REQUIRED for all water rockets this year, however the parachute does NOT have to successfully deploy to be classified as a successful launch. • Water rockets must be 1 meter or less in total height. • Coke brand bottles fit launcher most easily • Only 1 launch per team this year. An official pneumatic launcher with the pressure and launch buttons will be used. • Kids can pressurize and launch own rocket • During or after pressurizing, only event supervisors can approach the rocket (safety issue). • Goggles will be provided

  26. What’s the Matter? (Study Event) • Teams will be assessed on their knowledge of the physical properties of matter and the behavior of solids, liquids, and gases before and after they undergo changes or interactions.

  27. Which Way Is North – (Hands On Event) • This is a map skills testing event. • Limited to Georgia Maps of various types • Scales (rulers) provided • Answers to distance questions will be set by Google Maps or equivalent program • Questions like, if you are going from Macon to Atlanta…what interstates would you take?

  28. The 24 Game – (Hands On Event) • Participants use problem solving skills combined with their knowledge of mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to make the number 24 using the 4 numbers provided on the game cards.

  29. The End…Any Questions!!