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Science Olympiad PowerPoint Presentation
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Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

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Science Olympiad

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  1. Science Olympiad Pierce Elem. March 29, 2014

  2. 12 EVENTS 18 TEAMS Coach McComas and Coach Cortez

  3. Some of the events are:

  4. Bridging the Gap • This even is designed to test student’s ability to think on their feet. They will be given materials to build a bridge which will support a tennis ball.

  5. Circuit Wizardry This event will: Challenge your knowledge of circuits using low voltage batteries Conductor, insulator, open circuit- terms you’ll need to know!

  6. Clay Boats • Each team will construct a clay boat from a wad of clay, then float the boat and put pennies and see how many pennies it will hold.

  7. Crash Car Eggspert Each team will build a structure on top of the Pine Car Racer. The structure will be designed to hold and protect an egg as the car is rolled down a progressively steeper series of ramps and crashed into an immovable barrier.

  8. Pentathlon • Do you know a lot of science facts? • Try this even which requires team work, physical skills and science questions. • 5 scientists will run a relay style obstacle course. • Topics to study will be given ahead of time but you don’t know what the obstacle course will require until the day of the event.

  9. Reflection Relay • This is a new event. • A team of 3 scientists will work cooperatively to determine the path a light beam takes as it reflects off a series of plain mirrors. • Sounds tricky but fun. • This event could use parent help whole figure out the angles

  10. Science Jeopardy Do you know a lot of science facts? Have you ever watched Jeopardy on TV? The nature of the game is to choose a category and a level of difficulty from the game board and view and listen to an answer to a question. The first team to respond with an appropriate question for the answer will be awarded the specified number of points and will choose the next topic and level.

  11. Rubber Band Catapult You will build a catapult! You will launch rubber bands There will be a target to aim for! Your catapult will have to be VERY accurate!

  12. Last year we had Tennis Ball Catapult

  13. More information :RUBBER BANDCATAPULT • Students will build and calibrate their own free • standing (not hand held) • projectory device that must be capable of “ • shooting a rubber band at a target. • 4- 10 meters away • Each team will bring their own • “newly constructed” • homemade catapult.

  14. This year we have a rubber band Catapult

  15. Each event has special directions • 5 photos • Data chart

  16. Water Rockets Have you ever built a rocket? In this event: Before the day of the event you will build a rocket out of a 2-liter plastic soda bottle The rocket that stays in the air for the longest duration wins. Parachutes are allowed All energy to launch the rocket must come from water/air pressure provided by a pump

  17. Weather or Not • Scientists/Meteorologists will test their knowledge of meteorological terms, techniques and events. • Ask your 4th grade science teacher for help on this or maybe your group could go visit a weather station. • 2 students per team

  18. Wildlife Safari • Hey, do you love studying about birds? • Students will demonstrate their ability to identify Michigan Bird wildlife and their habitat . Answers may be researched through the use of a field guide • Last year we had a bird expert come to Pierce.

  19. Things to know • The event is at West Maple Elementary • There will be two teams from Pierce consisting of fourth and fifth graders • ALL FIFTH GRADERS HAVE PRIORITY TO COMPETE IN SCIENCE OLYMPIAD BEFORE THE FOURTH GRADERS • You definitely WILL have a chance as a fifth grader!

  20. Are you interested? Sign up soon so you get a favorite event. Practices start on C days in January at lunch time. Room 216 Come to some practices and find out what team will be best for you.

  21. GO PIERCE!