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Science Olympiad PowerPoint Presentation
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Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

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Science Olympiad

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  1. Science Olympiad 2013-2014

  2. SCIENCE!!! • Team of 15 students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. • Students choose 1-4 events, all events have partners. We have a total of 23 events. • The events cover life, physical, and earth science topics, including engineering. • Student-Driven: Students must read rules and form a plan of operation. Students work at their own pace and schedule. • I am here as a resource to help them. What’s it all about?

  3. Every team must have an individual coach. • Parents can be coaches. Of course, I’ll be there to supervise and oversee. • Responsibilities: organizing volunteers to help with students, helping students get prepared for events by finding resources or supplies, making sure students meet deadlines, etc. • If I don’t have parent volunteers for coaches, then I will be forced to cut students from the team. I can only coach one team of 15 students. M u l t I p l e T e a m s

  4. Volunteers • We have to have them! Ideally, we need one volunteer per event. 23 Volunteers! • I am working with local colleges to find some help but … we also need YOU. • Sign up on the way out OR email me at • You can just work with your childs event if you prefer. • You do not have to be an expert in the area, just willing to help them out. Keep them on schedule and help them find resources. • Meetings- Students must attend all meetings. • Thursday 3:05-4:15 • Occasional morning meeting 7:00-7:45 • Parents I need you at HTMS at 4:15. I can’t leave until I know your child has a ride and is safe. • As competition nears, increase to twice a week as needed per teams What’s it all about?

  5. Pre-Assessment Test • At our first meeting students will take a test to see what their strengths and weaknesses are. The test will include content from earth, life, and physical science; as well as analyzing charts and graphs. • Fees • $50 includes: Team Registration, T-Shirt, and Supplies (until we run out of funds). • Note: If students don’t tell me what they need, I can’t get it for them. They also need to realize that it takes time to order supplies, get it approved, then submitted to store, and delivered. Also I can only order from certain stores. What’s it all about?

  6. We have 1 competition, usually held at the University of Alabama in February. • It is mandatory that students come and stay the entire day with the team until after the award ceremony. • Tough competition • Our Lady of the Valley takes the team trophy every year that I know of. They usually have 4-5 teams and dozens of parent volunteers. • If we want to compete against them, students must spend time working on their events. They cannot be completed in 1-2 weeks. It will take until February to prepare. • Individual 1st, 2nd, 3rdPlace Medals • Team Trophy for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Teams Competition

  7. Students need to be prepared to spend at least 2 hours a week preparing for 1 event, not including weekly meetings. • This needs to be taken into consideration when choosing multiple events. • If students join the team, they need to stay on the team through the entire year. Commitment

  8. Events • I cannot guarantee that you will be placed in only events of your choice. • We will try our best to give everyone at least one of their top three choices. • You may also be moved from one team to another and have to change partners within an event. We appreciate your flexibility. • Build Events:Design, build and test a device before Competition Day. • Lab Events: Learn about the event subject, learn to use lab tools, and learn to conduct experiments. For some events you will also design and build a model or tool for Competition Day. • Study Events: Learn all about the event subject and practice demonstrating your knowledge before Competition Day. • Students will only be placed in one Build Eventas these are the most popular and can require the most time. • Students who are willing to do two or three events will be given priority in event placement over students interested in doing only one event.

  9. Life, Personal & Social Science • Anatomy (Nervous, Integumentary) • Disease Detectives (Environmental Quality) • Entomology • Heredity • Water Quality Earth & Space Science • Dynamic Planet (Glaciers) • Meteorology (Severe Storms) • Solar System • Road Scholar • Rocks and Minerals Inquiry & Nature of Science • Metric Mastery • Rotor Egg Drop • Experimental Design • Write It Do It 2014 Events • Physical Science & Chemistry • Simple Machines • Shock Value • Sounds of Music • Crime Busters • Can't Judge a Powder • Technology & Engineering • Boomilever • Robo-Cross • Wheeled Vehicle • Helicopters • Short descriptions of each event can be found on the Science Olympiad homepage.

  10. Pick up information and student sheet on the way out. • Return completed paperwork to Mrs. Swann-Carter, room 166 by Tuesday, 9/17. • Attend first meeting on 9/19 to take the Pre-assessment test. • Hopefully, by 9/19 I will know if we can have more than one team. If we can’t I will use students paperwork and pre-assessment scores for final cuts. Still Interested? How do I join?

  11. Last year’s Students…We are having a Pep Rally, Thursday.Does anyone want to volunteer to speak at the Pep Rally? Just say your name and our team. And a few things about what we do.Anyone???