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The Portal

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The Portal

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  1. The Portal by Dorothy A. Ryan Administrative Specialist NY3

  2. The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Volunteer Portal The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Volunteer Portal is intended, over time, to supplant the existing Extranet reference information resource while materially increasing its capability. It is currently used as a supporting system to update data in the VMIS database. . The Portal has the advantage of being a single and secure data source accessible through the use of an email address ID combined with a password (either assigned by the national office or initially determined by volunteers on registration).

  3. Current Portal Application Access by Volunteer Title Training Materials on the Portal and all listed applications can be found on the Extranet Training Tab 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  4. Because site activity reporting will be exclusively via the Portal in 2012, all DCs and LCs are required to be registered to use the Portal.

  5. Access the Volunteer Portal to register or log-in. Portal registration requires contact information including an email address (preferably the same as is recorded in the volunteer's VMIS record), birth date (as an identifier in the event of a lost password), and Volunteer ID number.

  6. Volunteer Portal – Accessing Site Management System

  7. The volunteer’s position determines which preferences will be accessible

  8. Overview of the Site Management System

  9. VMIS – Site Management System • Available on the AARP Volunteer Portal (

  10. VMIS – Site Management System Purpose • Provides access for Local Coordinators (LC) and District Coordinators (DC), to directly input and verify site information stored in the National Database, VMIS Continues to allow Administrative Specialists (ADS) and State Coordinators (SC) to have oversight of the updating and validation of site information • The preferred method of updating site information. • Provides a system that is user friendly • Uses icons and pop-ups to provide on line education/system information

  11. Overview Some Advantages of this System allow LCs/DCs to: • View details listed for current sites • Confirm information provided to IRS-Spec Total Relationship Management (SPECTRM) system when questions arise • Permits on-the-spot updating of selected information as situations change including: • Contact Information • Schedules and dates of operation • View submitted activity reporting from the previous year. • Print out summary information of an active site

  12. If any of your sites are missing, contact your ADS Either enter the SIDN or click on a listed SIDN. Scroll down for more sites. Once into the system, a listing of all the active sites in VMIS to which the LC, DC, ADS, SC is currently assigned will be shown. They will be in SIDN order showing site name and address.

  13. Some of the fields have either a Star or a “?” The Star indicates the information is in the IRS SPECTRM system. Clicking on the “?”will bring up an information screen. Any information in a colored box can be changed. Be sure to click the Save button if changes are made. Once a site is selected the following screen appears. Site information will be presented in a series of tabs shown at the top. Just click on the desired tab to obtain the information.

  14. The more accurate the schedule information is, the more informed the public will be about sites in their area. Also, accurate schedule information can be used to determine total hours of operation, which some local management might require.

  15. Only Registered Owners of the EFIN should change this field No one should change either of these fields unless they are the Registered Owner of the EFIN as listed on Form 8633 – Application to Participate in the IRS e-file Program. The person assigned to obtain EFINS should notify the ADS of the changes and the ADS will input the data.

  16. Before this form is submitted, print a copy (<Ctrl>P). If the LC or DC requests the information, have them print a copy for the ADS.

  17. Recap • On-line functionality is available to streamline updating of site information. • SC, ADS, LC, DC will have access to the system • Increase flexibility for how information is updated • It is the preferred method of updating site information • View details listed for current sites • Confirm information provided to IRS-SPECTRM system when questions arise • Print out summary information of current sites • ADS will be notified of any changes The Site Management System cannot be used to create new sites, inactivate an existing site, or change LC and DC assignments. LCs/DCs should provide the necessary data to the ADS who will make these types of changes.

  18. Updating Personal Information A unique feature is the inclusion of an Update Profile option. DC and LC are allowed to update their program mailing address and residential telephone number.

  19. Material Ordering Access through Volunteer Portal, 24 x 7 Web form delivered directly to AARP Fulfillment Suggested and maximum ordering quantity alert pop ups Ability to ship to locations other than volunteer’s address Confirmation of order receipt

  20. Portal Site Activity Reporting Screen 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  21. Portal District Coordinator Activity Reporting Form – Note that the reporting of QR for efile sites is not an available field.

  22. Portal Local Coordinator Activity Reporting Form – Note that the reporting of QR for efile sites is not an available field

  23. New Activity Reporting, QR & ERO Tracking Log A new form (Tracking Log) has been created to serve both activity reporting and tax return tracking on the Extranet 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  24. Sign-In Reporting, QR & ERO Tracking Log Revised form (Sign-In) has been created to serve both activity reporting and tax return tracking to be on NY3 web site 37 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  25. Reporting Period • Monthly Reporting Periods: • February: 2/1/12-2/29/12 (includes any activity for sites that open in January) • March: 3/1/12-3/31/12 • April: 4/1/12-4/31/12 • May: 5/1/12-8/31/12 • Covers any summer activity (if applicable) • Monthly Grace Period (1st to 5th day of following month) • Monthly Due Date (5th day of the following month) • March 5th • April 5th • May 5th 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  26. Extranet through the Portal

  27. Future Portal Application Volunteer ShareNet (Formerly Extranet) Volunteer ShareNet in PORTAL EXTRANET • Move Extranet contents currently open to the public and maintained by AARP IT to secured and easy to use interface to be called “Volunteer ShareNet” • Contents can be updated by Tax Aide staff at any time • Access to the contents is determined by the user’s volunteer positions • Systems maintained in parallel during transition 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  28. Volunteer ShareNet Menu - Access by Title Fuzzy replace with screenshot New Areas: ERO Bulletin, Technology Bulletins and TCS Bulletins and Tasks can only be accessed by the specific title. Operations (new menu): contents to be determined. 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  29. Sample Volunteer ShareNet Screen 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis 44

  30. Portal Registration Roll Out • Portal registration requires all AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Volunteers to have a unique email address. • E-mail address may not be shared with another volunteer, AARP member or AARP. org registered user. • ADS and National Office will assist in case of a conflict with E-mail addresses.

  31. Portal Pre-Registration • Volunteers who are not already registered by the listed dates below will be pre-registered by the National Office using their existing VMIS Tax-Aide E-mail address as the Login ID. • All Leaders – 12/31/11 • All Existing Non-Leaders – 1/15/12 • All New & Returning Volunteer – 2/15/12 • Volunteers will be provided with a Password by E-mail upon registration.

  32. Requirements • Portal Registration • All DCs and LCs are required to be registered to use the Portal with a unique E-mail (not shared with another volunteer or AARP member) • Those DCs and LCs not registered by 12/1/11 will be pre-registered by the National Office • DC/LC Assignment • Changes to DC/LC assignment can only be made during the monthly grace period after all reporting has been completed by the previous DC/LC • DC who is also an LC • Those DC who also hold an LC title can only be assigned to a site within their own district, otherwise have the DC for the site where they serve as an LC report for that site 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  33. Log-In /Registration Support AARP HelpDesk • • 1-888-925-2002 (M-F, 8am-11pm EST) When to contact HelpDesk • Wish to change login email address • Changing email address in Volunteer record will NOT change Portal login email address • Trouble registering 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  34. Portal Application Support • Training Material on Extranet under Training • National Tax-Aide Support When to contact Tax-Aide If you can log in to the Portal, contact for assistance with accessing and/or using Portal applications 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis

  35. AARP Foundation Tax-Aide E-mail Address Changing the email address that you use for Tax-Aide related correspondence? • Notify the state ADS who will update your volunteer record, AND • Send an email to to have your Volunteer Portal login email address changed – the ADS cannot update Portal login information. 2011 Regional Meetings – St Louis