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The GENIUS Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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The GENIUS Portal

The GENIUS Portal

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The GENIUS Portal

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  1. The GENIUS Portal Xie Jianjun Computer Network Information Center China Academy of Sciences EUChinaGrid Third Tutorial Beijing,11.25.2006

  2. A brief knowledge of GENIUS • Direct experience of Grid • How the use the Grid through the GENIUS web portal Aim:

  3. It can be accessed from everywhere and by “everything” (desktop, laptop, PDA, cell phone). • It can keep the same user interface to several back-ends. • It must be redundantly “secure” at all levels: • 1) secure for web transactions, • 2) secure for user credentials, • 3) secure for user authentication, • 4) secure at VO/VOMS level. • 5) secure in data management • All available grid services must be incorporated in a logic way, just “one mouse click away”. • Its layout must be easily understandable and user friendly. A grid portal: why and how

  4. Applications’ specific layer ALICE ATLAS CMS LHCb Other apps High level GRID middleware EGEE (LCG/gLite) architecture Basic Services GLOBUS toolkit OS & Net services • GENIUS:Grid Enabled web eNvironment for site Independent User job Submission The GENIUS hourglass model

  5. Portlet Contaiers RSS Clients 3rd party Apps HTTP JSR168 WSDL/SOAP End users Portlet GW RSS GW WS GW VO 1 - XML Application Kit VO n - XML Application Kit EGEE middleware LCG-2 / gLite Globus middleware Local Data Distributed Data Compute resources GENIUS architecture Classic GENIUS Presentation engine MyProxy auth. w/ VOMS extensions Authentication – ACL management VNC remote Desktop over SSL General XML Application Kits Monitoring & Accounting Data Management & Virtualization

  6. https+java/xml+rfb WEB Browser GENIUS Local WS EnginFrame 3-tier model Apache UI GENIUS: how it works the Grid M/W+GSI

  7. GENIUS Homepage

  8. GENIUS: files management(1/3) Login the User Interface machine

  9. GENIUS: files management(2/3) Select file name

  10. GENIUS: files management(3/3) File Content

  11. GENIUS:Proxy information

  12. UI MyProxy Server grid-proxy-init myproxy-init myproxy-get-delegation GENIUS Server (UI) WEB Browser execution Local WS output the Grid any grid service Grid authentication with MyProxy

  13. Grid Settings

  14. GENIUS VO Selection

  15. JOB Submission(1/4)

  16. JOB Submission(2/4)

  17. JOB Submission(3/4) The RB Server Job Identifier

  18. JOB Submission(4/4) Where the job has been scheduled to ?

  19. JOB QUEUE When the Status is “Done”,Click “Get Output” to access the result of job

  20. Get JOB Output Select file name Action

  21. Job Output

  22. GENIUS Data :Navigate catalog

  23. GENIUS Data:Manage Dir on Catalog(1/2)

  24. GENIUS Data:Manage Dir on Catalog(2/2)

  25. GENIUS Data:Publish a file(1/2)

  26. GENIUS Data:Publish a file(2/2)

  27. GENIUS Data:Rename on Catalog

  28. GENIUS INFO More information in the next sections

  29. GridICE is a distributed monitoring tool designed for Grid systems.. Further, different aggregations and partitions of monitoring data are provided based on the specific needs of different users categories (VO, GOC, Site). GENIUS Monitor

  30. GENIIUS Accounting:Check Balance

  31. GENIUS Accounting:Check Balance

  32. GENIIUS Accounting:CE price

  33. GENIIUS Accounting:CE price

  34. Interactive:Set Desktop Password Login the UI to set desktop password

  35. Interactive:Set Desktop Password Set Desktop password

  36. Interactive:Open Desktop Input the password just set

  37. Interactive: Desktop The VNC Interface

  38. GENIUS graphic job editor(1/2)

  39. GENIUS graphic job editor(1/2) Use command line editor to edit jobs

  40. GENIUS graphic workflow editor(1/2)

  41. GENIUS graphic workflow editor(2/2)

  42. VO Service

  43. VO Service: Job Submission

  44. VO Service: Job Submission

  45. VO Service: Job Queue

  46. VO Service: Job Data

  47. VO Service: Job Data

  48. Qustion?