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Pollinator Garden Project on the Chippewa National Forest. Title text here. 2010 Accomplishments.

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  1. Pollinator Garden Project on the Chippewa National Forest Title text here 2010 Accomplishments The summer of 2010 marked the second growing season for our pollinator garden. The garden consists of grouped specimen flower s including liatris, milkweed, native grasses, prairie smoke, blue vervain , black eyed susan, blue hyssop, spiderwort, and c ardinal flower surrounding the Blackduck Ranger District Office. There are also two separate areas that were seeded in the fall of 2008 to prairie grasses and flowers. These areas have some flowers that are starting to grow but the existing seedbank of common tansy and birdsfoot trefoil caused some encroachment on the native plants. We mowed the areas in 2009 and did a controlled burn in September of 2010 to control the weed species . 2010 Expenditures went to weeding, installing rain barrels and the controlled burn on the naturalized meadow. The Rabideau Conservation Corps weeded the interpretive garden several times , started seeds collected from the garden, and installed three interpretive signs. Figure 2. YCC Crew and District Staff Planting Garden • Year Awarded: initial award in 2008 • Project completion: 2010 • Report number: 2 of 5 • Expenditures (through 10/2010): • FY09 funding $5,500 expend. $5,500 • FY10 Funding: $823.00 • Total funding $6,323, total expend $6,323; • Cooperators: • Rabideau Conservation Corps • Contact Person & phone number: • Nancy Salminen (218) 835-4291 Chippewa National Forest 200 Ash Ave NW Cass Lake, MN 56633 theutte@fs.fed.us Figure 1. Rabideau Conservation Corps Finished Weeding

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