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Baldwin Ranger District Pollinator Gardens on the Huron Manistee National Forest. Title text here. 2010 Accomplishments.

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  1. Baldwin Ranger District Pollinator Gardens on the Huron Manistee National Forest Title text here 2010 Accomplishments This project was initiated in 2006 to obtain native lupine seed for endangered Karner Blue Butterfly restoration on the Baldwin Ranger District. Five acres of lupine/ nectar plants were planted at the Chittenden Nursery to form a permanent seed production source for restoration seed. The project was expanded to other pollinator gardens in 2007-09, bringing a total of 6 pollinator demonstration sites planted. All sites are doing well as they mature. This year, a contractor completed several years of knapweed/weed control at the lupine beds. In 2010, Natasha Dobias, a student majoring in sustainability, spent 2 months as a pollinator garden intern on the District. She did weed control at all of the gardens, collected/cleaned 1 ½ pounds of lupine seed at the lupine/nectar bed, and grew 2000 nectar plants at the District greenhouse that were outplanted into the pollinator gardens and the Karner blue butterfly project area (1400 plants). She also wrote a pollinator garden blog and analyzed native plant uses for pollinator gardens in NW Michigan which brought fresh perspective to our pollinator program. With the additional help of volunteers and students, other nectar plant seed was collected at the gardens and other Forest sites: lanceleaf coreopsis (1 lb), eastern columbine (6 oz), black-eyed susan (20 lb uncleaned), evening primrose (2 lb), wild bergamot (2 oz), goats rue (14 lb uncleaned), common milkweed (2oz), and horsemint (.5 lb uncleaned). Seed will be used for District restoration sites in 2011. Figure 2. Pollinator garden intern Tash Dobias collecting lupine seed . • Year Awarded: initial award in 2006 • Project completion: ongoing • Report number: 5 • Expenditures (through 9/2009): • FY06 funding $28,800, expend. $11;721 $17,079 remaining • FY07 carryover funding $17,079, expend $17,079; • $0 remaining • FY08 funding $10,392, expend. $10,392; • $0 remaining • FY09 funding $15,000, expend $15,000; $0 remaining • FY10 funding $11,000, expend $11,000; $0 remaining • Total funding $65,192, total expend $65,192; • $0 total remaining • Partners: Michigan Garden Clubs • Contact Person: Pat McGhan 231-745-4631 x 3102 Huron Manistee National Forest Baldwin/White Cloud Ranger District P.O. Drawer D Baldwin, MI 49304 Figure 1. Nectar plant production for endangered butterfly habitat restoration and pollination gardens.

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