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Native Plant & Pollinator Gardens at Chittenden, Manistee National Forest. Title text here. 2010 Accomplishments.

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  1. Native Plant & Pollinator Gardens at Chittenden, Manistee National Forest Title text here 2010 Accomplishments This project was initiated in 2007 to control non-native invasive plants in former tree nursery beds, provide habitat for pollinators, and produce native grass and wildflower seed to be used in restoration efforts throughout the Manistee National Forest. Four gardens have been established around the entrance to The Conifers, the main building at the Chittenden facility, to provide opportunities for visitors to see native plants and the wildlife that visit them. In addition to the gardens, 25 acres of seedbeds have been planted with native grasses and wildflowers to provide habitat and grow seed for restoration efforts across the Forest. Five Dutch elm disease resistant American elms were planted this spring. This fall eight additional acres will be planted for more intense production of common milkweed, butterfly milkweed, coreopsis, and bee balm. A 24” x 36” sign was developed and printed that answers the question “Why Create a Native Plant & Pollinator Garden?”. It is a good complement to the “Benefits of Native Plants”, “Pollinator Friendly Practices”, and “The Ugly Truth about Non-native Invasive Plants” signs that were developed in 2008 and 2009. Figure 2. Monarch caterpillar on butterfly milkweed in a native plant and pollinator garden at Chittenden. Year Project Initiated: 2007 Project completion: 2011 Report number: 3 of 4 Expenditures (through 10/2010): FY08 funding $20,000, expend. $17,620, $2,380 redirected; FY09 funding $11,708, expend. $11,704.26, $3.74 remaining; FY10 funding $7,300, expend $7,300 Funding to date: $49,008 Partners: Wings Across America, $10,000 in funding in 2009 Contact Person & phone number: Carolyn Henne (231) 723-2211 Manistee National Forest Manistee Ranger District 412 Red Apple Rd Manistee, MI 49660 Figure 1. Bumble bee on horsemint in a native plant propagation field at Chittenden.

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