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Do Now. Title: Timelines and Family Crest. August 10 Today is “National Joke Day.” Think about some of your favorite jokes and then write one of your own. 2L. Today’s Agenda!!. Diagnostic- I want to know what you know Family Crest- What is it and how do we make one?

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Do now
Do Now

Title: Timelines and Family Crest

  • August 10

  • Today is “National Joke Day.” Think about some of your favorite jokes and then write one of your own


Today s agenda
Today’s Agenda!!

  • Diagnostic- I want to know what you know

  • Family Crest-

    • What is it and how do we make one?

    • Reflection…why are family crests important?

History readiness diagnostic
History Readiness Diagnostic

What if you finish early??

-If you finish, please raise your hand and I will come by to check your diagnostic. After, you may QUIETLY go to the library and choose a silent reading novel. You may read quietly until everyone is finished.

  • What is a diagnostic??

    • A diagnostic test is just a way for me to see what you already know and what you need to learn.

    • The reason we do this is so that I am not teaching you information you already know, and so that I can give you the background you need to teach throughout the year!!

  • You will have about 20-30 minutes to take this “test.” Do NOT worry about how much you know or do not know!! Some of you may understand many of the questions, there may be some of you who do not understand any of the questions. THAT’S OKAY!! By the end of the first few weeks, you will be experts on all of the questions!! 

  • After everyone is finished, we will go over the answers together, so try your best!!

History readiness diagnostic1
History Readiness Diagnostic

  • Now that you have all completed the diagnostic, we will go over the answers together!!

  • I want you to keep the answers that you have already written down, but please write the correct answer next to it (if you have the incorrect answer).

  • Ask questions if you do not understand!! 

Family crest
Family Crest

  • What is a family crest?

    • A family crest is a shield that has representations of your family.

    • Family crests identified a person long before the use of family last names became popular.  These symbols were each unique and were not allowed to be duplicated.

  • Why are we making family crests in history?

    • The reason you are going to make your own family crest today is because they represent history. In this class, we are going to be learning about ideas, people, and artifacts from thousands of years ago. These artifacts are the only items left that tell about historical people.

    • In a thousand years, your family crest is what will tell others about you and your family’s history. The family crest will allow people to understand the time period you lived in, and what life was like at this time. These crests will allow us to understand how important history is and how important the artifacts that we will study really are!!

Family crest1
Family Crest

  • How are we going to make our family crest?

    • You are going to receive a large piece of paper. The first thing you are going to do is to draw the actual crest. That will look like the following:

Family crest2

COLORSEven the colors can have special meaning in a family crest:


Silver or White-Peace and sincerity

Red-Warrior; Military strength

Blue-Truth and loyalty

Green-Hope, joy, and loyalty in love

Black-Constancy or grief

Purple-Royal majesty, sovereignty, and justice Orange-Worthy ambition

Maroon-Patient in battle, and yet victorious

Family Crest

  • Now you are ready to draw your family crest.

  • You have four sections to complete. Each section is going to have a different picture that represents your family. Here are some examples of items you may draw:

    • Your family

    • A meaningful family vacation

    • Your favorite family memory

    • An object that represents your family

    • A symbol that represents your last name

    • A family pet

    • The country or city you are from

    • Your most prized possession

    • Food that represents your ethnicity

Make these neat and colorful. I will give you crayons and colored pencils to use!!

Book orientation
Book Orientation

  • Why is it important to look through our book and understand what parts there are?

    • Knowing what we have in our books, such as glossary, table of contents, and maps, will help us become better readers and save time looking for information.

  • Once we get our textbooks, we will open to the table of contents. Who can tell me what a table of contents is?

    • A table of contents is a place in every textbook towards the front that tells the reader what page every chapter or section is on. This is useful if you need to find a section quickly. For example, if you need to study for a quiz on Egyptian pharaohs, you do not need to flip through the whole entire textbook. Simply go to the front of the textbook, find the chapter on Egypt, and the section on pharaohs, then just find the page number!! 

  • Now, let’s try!! Once you get the textbook, try to find the table of contents. You will have about 3 minutes to find it, but please raise your hand or ask a partner if you cannot find it.

Book orientation1
Book Orientation

  • As I show you important sections of the textbook, please also turn to the correct page. IF YOU CANNOT FIND THE SECTION, PLEASE RAISE YOUR HAND. This can be tricky at first, which is why we are going over it as a class.

  • Let’s look at the:

    • Maps

    • Glossary

    • Index

    • Beginning of chapter/timelines

    • Section examples